Mobile Phones More Dangerous Than Smoking

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Mobile Phones more Dangerous than smoking'

Brain expert warns of huge rise in tumours and calls on industry to take immediate steps to reduce radiation



Young people are at particular risk from exposure to radiation

By Geoffrey Lean
Sunday, 30 March 2008

Mobile phones could kill far more people than smoking or asbestos, a study by
an award-winning cancer expert has concluded. He says people should avoid
using them wherever possible and that governments and the mobile phone
industry must take "immediate steps" to reduce exposure to their

The study, by Dr Vini Khurana, is the most devastating indictment yet
published of the health risks.

It draws on growing evidence – exclusively reported in the IoS in October –
that using handsets for 10 years or more can double the risk of brain
cancer. Cancers take at least a decade to develop, invalidating official
safety assurances based on earlier studies which included few, if any,
people who had used the phones for that long.

Earlier this year, the French government warned against the use of mobile
phones, especially by children. Germany also advises its people to minimise
handset use, and the European Environment Agency has called for exposures to
be reduced.

Professor Khurana – a top neurosurgeon who has received 14 awards over the
past 16 years, has published more than three dozen scientific papers –
reviewed more than 100 studies on the effects of mobile phones. He has put
the results on a brain surgery website, and a paper based on the research is
currently being peer-reviewed for publication in a scientific journal.

He admits that mobiles can save lives in emergencies, but concludes that "there
is a significant and increasing body of evidence for a link between mobile
phone usage and certain brain tumours". He believes this will be "definitively
proven" in the next decade.

Noting that malignant brain tumours represent "a life-ending diagnosis",
he adds: "We are currently experiencing a reactively unchecked and
dangerous situation." He fears that "unless the industry and
governments take immediate and decisive steps", the incidence of
malignant brain tumours and associated death rate will be observed to rise
globally within a decade from now, by which time it may be far too late to
intervene medically.

"It is anticipated that this danger has far broader public health
ramifications than asbestos and smoking," says Professor Khurana, who
told the IoS his assessment is partly based on the fact that three billion
people now use the phones worldwide, three times as many as smoke. Smoking
kills some five million worldwide each year, and exposure to asbestos is
responsible for as many deaths in Britain as road accidents.

Late last week, the Mobile Operators Association dismissed Khurana's study as "a
selective discussion of scientific literature by one individual". It
believes he "does not present a balanced analysis" of the
published science, and "reaches opposite conclusions to the WHO and
more than 30 other independent expert scientific reviews".

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ChrisBowers's picture

Funny you should mention cell phones!

Never trusted em, never will, never owned one, never will...

Medical concerns aside, they (to me) represent one of the most isolating dynamics society has ever witnessed, all in the name of commodized communication!  I do so appreciate the irony though...


--- Post removed at author's request ---

cathymoore's picture

Thanks so much for posting this article in the community and the links were amazing.

I urge anyone who uses a cell phone to read the link you provided: the tips are super!!

I keep a cell phone in my purse-shut off unless I have to make a call (less than 1 per week)and generally use the speaker function.Good plan I see!

Congrats to Chris for following his intuition- you are one smart man!

In the hospital setting, we are seeing more and more fatal brain tumors in younger and younger people (aged 18 to 25).

On public transport, the amount of cell phone use has sky-rocketed- counted at least 20 people using them on the bus on 1 single trip I took!! I worry about the effect on me being in such close proximity to them in a closed vehicle.

Our nursing students do a yearly Health Promotion activity-they always present this info- more than 1/2 of the 1000 or more students who visit this particular booth have no idea on the damaging effects- of those who do know,less than 10% follow the guidelines for safe use.

Thanks again for the enlightening info and great resources!...........Cathy

lightwins's picture

Even If we don't use a cell phone or a computer, it is impossible to avoid the EMF radiation that is all around us. In the video link on for toronto, a news reporter is driving around the city with a woman with an EMF radiation sensor & the thing is constantly going off like a geiger counter. That's why the pendants & i-water seem like healthy alternatives...


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