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Democracy Now Earth Day Special April 22, 2011:  

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  • Earth Day Special: Vandana Shiva and Maude Barlow on the Rights of Mother Earth


    In the shadow of the one-year anniversary of the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and the unfolding nuclear catastrophe in Japan, this week the United Nations General Assembly hosted the "Harmony with Nature" conference to discuss the implementation of new international standards that grant nature equal rights to humans. Similar protocols have been adapted by over a dozen U.S. municipalities, as well as Bolivia and Ecuador. Renowned environmentalists Maude Barlow and Vandana Shiva join us after speaking at the conference. '’Most civilizations of the world, for most of human history, have seen the world in terms of relatedness and connection,” says Shiva. "And if there's one thing the rights of Mother Earth is waking us to, is: we are all connected." [includes rush transcript–partial]

  • "Hold Both Parties to High Standards": Van Jones, Obama’s Ex-Green Jobs Czar


    More than 10,000 people converged in Washington, D.C., this past week to mobilize around the issue of climate change at the Power Shift 2011 Conference. Van Jones, a longtime environmental advocate and former green jobs advisor in the Obama White House, gave the keynote address. "We pull out of the ground death. We burn death in our power plants," Jones said. "Why do we get shocked when we get death in our sky as global warming, death in our oceans as oil spills, death in our children’s lungs as asthma and cancer?"

  • "Now Is Our Time To Take a Stand": Tim DeChristopher’s Message to Youth Climate Activists at Power Shift 2011


    In March, a federal jury convicted environmental activist Tim DeChristopher of two felony counts for disrupting the auction of more than 100,000 acres of federal land for oil and gas drilling. He faces up to 10 years in prison. Last weekend he spoke at Power Shift 2011 conference and urged youth climate activists to make more sacrifices. "We hold the power right here to create our vision of a healthy and just world if we’re willing to make the sacrifices to make it happen," DeChristopher said. "Where is the point where our movement is going to say that stopping this injustice is more important than my career plans."

  • Bill McKibben of on U.S. Failure to Tackle Climate Change

    At this week’s Power Shift 2011 conference in Washington, D.C., longtime environmental activist Bill McKibben critiqued how the United States has failed to take steps to address climate change. He is the founder of the environmental organization—the name references the 350 parts per million many scientists say is the safe limit for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. "Think about our own country, historically, the biggest source of carbon emissions. Last summer, the Senate refused to even take a vote on the tepid, moderate, tame, climate bill that was before it," says McKibben. "Last week, the House voted 248-174 to pass a resolution saying global warming was not real ... it was one of the most embarrassing votes Congress has ever taken."

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This was a wonderful program. Thanks for posting it.

I liked Shiva but am not for these laws for nature......I do not trust the UN and it seems they are pushing this. The whole climate change issue is so colored by misinformation to the degree that nothing should be taken on face value. We do not need more laws, we have plenty of good laws for protecting the envorinment...the laws are irrelevant, it is how we police our laws that is the real issue.



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Read it.  It sounds all so good the way they put it, but I truly believe Jez is right on on this. Maybe or maybe not concerning this one in particular, but there is something not quite right going on, something rotten in Denmark, some agenda is being conducted.

I would love to find out that I am wrong about this.  I was totally on the Al Gore Inconvenient Truth bandwagon in the beginning.  My honey of 22 years still thinks I am arguing against the global warming issue when I discuss this, but that's not it (even though we are very likely moving toward the next cyclic ice age).

We have found in so many instances that this is what they do to keep order in human populations, to further their agenda (Agenda 21) with the people's blessing, and they use some wonderful people in the process of pushing it...  It will be interesting to see how the next few years play out...

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I think you both make good points, Jez and Chris.  Politicians do a lot of talking from both sides of their mouths these days.  Now when I hear the word "agenda,"  the first thing that pops into my head is the word "hidden."   The Georgia Guidestones is another reference that puts human population at odds with earth's natural resources.... but these things don't have to be mutually exclusive.

Fairy's post about planet Iarga illustrates a world in which a race of intelligent beings lives in harmony with nature, despite their large population.

I agree with you, Chris, I think we're smart enough to figure out our own solutions... if government would just get out of our way!

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Thanks for this, Noa. It's an excellent interview warning against the commoditization and corporatization of land and water. At the same time, I have concerns similar to Jez and Chris that the alternative seems to be governments that use environmental issues as a means of controlling and manipulating people and nature, simply replacing corporations in the manipulation game.

As long as egos control nature and others through corporations or governments, genuine freedom and harmony of nature and society will always be in jeopardy. A new way of thinking beyond ego is required. Vandana and Barlow seem to be moving in that direction with their emphasis on indigenous people's, local people's, and nature's environmental rights, but there is much strident ego and self-righteousness in their presentation.

I can't help feeling that even in seeking a better balance, somehow we are still out of balance.


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Don't worry - Mother Earth can "regain" her rights at any time. So far - she has been very patient. One EMP pulse from "husband" Sun and balance shall be restored. Take away our technology - and nature becomes a harsh reality - no rights needed.

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Yes, the transformation is happening, with or without our understanding. 

"We" are not making it happen.  It is best, seems to me, to be witnesses and bow to the majesty of Creation.  I believe that is the way we can be of "help". 

We will get our instructions to act via intuition.  Follow your heart.



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