Creating Your Own Future - Life After Oil

Interesting Article on Life after Peak Oil and how to create your own future

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This was an interesting article and had some good points on the roles that the ego assigns to us. I am not convinced of the peak oil theory myself. The Russians have become one of the biggest oil producers in the world by drilling where the experts said there could be no oil. They simply prescribe to the theory that oil is a-biotic and not a product of dead dinosaurs. There are instances of oil fields that have been tapped out for twenty years being found to contain oil again. How do you think the world political scene would change if it became accepted knowledge that oil is a renewable resource? Of course there is hot debate over this issue and it is more likely that some other catastrophy will cause us problems long before any oil reserves run out. When one considers the fact that petroleum is used in the manufacture of almost every thing we wear, use, or package things in, there seems to be very little likely hood of ever stopping the use of oil altogether but there are good alternatives that could lead to a huge reduction in the amount we use which are being suppressed. These things will come to light sooner or later.

Peace, Kevin

I Bless your HEART with Love Josh for this article.  I found it very helpful.  The time is now to start creating the future we wish to experience.  Thank you!  I now have a direction to go in for the Fairyfarmgirl Daily Digest that I am currently taking a vacation from. 

Thank you!



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