2012 Solar Activity

Thought you would all be interested in this article, especially since the recent new has said that we would not have any new major solar activity for at least a decade as the sun was going into an extended period of inactivity. LOL


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Thanks for posting this Berry!
A comment following the article led me to the very fascinating (and new to me) topic of The Electric Universe at thunderbolts.info. Amazing stuff. From the web site:

nothing is more important to the future and credibility
of science than liberation from the gravity-driven
universe of prior theory. A mistaken supposition has not
only prevented intelligent and sincere investigators
from seeing what would otherwise be obvious, it has bred
indifference to possibilities that could have inspired
the sciences for decades."
David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill,
Thunderbolts of the Gods

Thought you might find it of interest as well.
In gratitude, joy, and love,

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Ain't it amazing that science is suddenly discovering that "all is not what it seems"?


I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  thank you Bhodi.



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Excellent postage knarley dudes!! More to devour, yummie.

I watched "The Quantum Hologram and ESP" by Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell again last weekend and what he is talking about is soooo friggin' exciting because after 30 years of research at his Noetic Sciences Institute, many of the wonders we have been discussing are now peer-reviewed and in the process of being published in the scientific community. It is now a scientific fact that there is a holographic nonlocal signature to every physical thing and that energy in the Universal Field is coherent and responsive. One of the amazing things he talks about in his lecture is a double blind study done with some 2D images taken from 100's of sources (decades prior) that are now producing 3D MRI images. One MRI specialist, after looking at the MRI scan of a cow's blood sample 2D image taken years prior (he did not know any of that) said, "These are the best MRI images I have ever seen of a cow's anatomy!". Because MRI technology works by resonance, it is picking up this nonlocal standing wave holographic signature, no matter how much time has passed since the initial 2D image telepathy experiment so many years prior. A 2D image of a drop of the cow's blood is providing enough info for the MRI to see whole 3D images of the cow's anatomy!!! Let that one soak in for a while. This is the kind of science that is being and has already been peer reviewed and is now being published! I predict inside 50 years it will be silly to bring these amazing facts up because it will be paramount to making a big deal about breathing air....

In Love with ALL THINGS REAL!!!!


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A 2D image of a drop of the cow's blood is providing enough info for the MRI to see whole 3D images of the cow's anatomy!!!

OMFG!  shut up!  this is so infreakincredible.  i want more...  websites, bro, I need websites...  Smile bb

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Brother Chris,


For  a number of years now, Kryon, The Reconnection, Blue, an entity channeled by Raphiem, and The Group, ( all of them premium channeled entities/group entities which I have resonated with strongly) which I have been following closely, have been saying that;  #1 our scientists will be discovering that all is not at it seems.  Reality is a multi-dimensional/multiuniversal manifestation.  And #2 "there will be no more secrets."  I daily observe, even in the controlled media, evidence that both of these pronouncements are happening in front of our eyes for those who have eyes to see.  I thrill when I see all of this coming to fruition, knowing that the Light is trancending and penetrating darkness.  ( This issue of light vs. darkness is another discussion which needs to be addressed, considering that both are manifestation of All That Is, our One Infinite Creator, seeking to know its Creation in fullness. Who starts this discussion my friend?) 


The fact that science and metaphysics are beginning to coincide in understanding is  a major movement to and into higher vibrational existance.  Ascention of the human spirit is evolving as it must and will. 4D here we come.


Chris, my friend,  I suspect that you are already on it, but our Mother Earth is already in 4D just waiting for her children to catch up.


In the love and light of our one infinite Creator,


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Hey Berry!

You got my imagination rolling with your suggestion for us to discuss both light and "darkness". I will begin this fascinating discussion with this proposition. What we call darkness is one big illusion. We are interpreting the lack of light our physical eyes register as "darkness" when, in fact, all is light if you can "get small" enough. When we get to the planck scale zero point light wave bottom floor level of life/energy in quantum physics, it is all Light and all endless random potentiality, just waiting to respond in kind to well-developed intent. I propose that the concept of "darkness" may very well be a lack of imagination on man's part, as well as an insane love affair with a fear and separation paradigm.  I really believe we always have access to so much more than we are presently allowing ourselves.  This means we are willfully choosing something else - something less.  It is not being withheld - we have been saying "no", but are beginning to say, "YES".  Collective intent is about to dispel the illusion of darkness.  Now we (choose to) look through a glass darkly, but then......



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In the book The Law of One, Ra speaks of Love/Light and its reciprical, Light/Love.  They relate that Love is the source of Light and that Creation is a physcal manifestation of Love/Light, having become Light/Love.  This is confusing but when you come down to look at it relative to quantum physics it begins to make sense.  They also speak of polarities: negative and positive, and the potential for a flow of energy between the two, as in electricity. Ra agrees with your premise that there is no true darkness, but only a lessening intensity/polarity of light to not light.


Ra discusses that all levels of creation, they call it dimensions are expressions of the Love/Light of the Creator. The first dimension being non-self aware manifestations, ie stone, water, fire, air. (Sound familiar?)  There not being a sense of self awareness in these creations seems to indicate that there is no Love/Light within them, thus they seem to be filled with darkness, but the case is that the potential is there but with a high polarity toward the negative and thereby low frequency of light.


The second dimension is that creation which is aware of its surrounding, having the ability to move through and ineract with its environment.  There is still the lack of self-awareness.  The potential for light has however increased, the vibrational level has risen to the level where Light/love is much more present. This dimension encompasses those vegitable and animal creations which may express some interaction with each other, the prime interaction being procreation, thus Love/Light has a much stronger positive potential/polarity.


The third dimension, is the creation which is self-aware, has will and makes cognizant choices.  Us.  Because of the operation of Free-will, the Love/Light potential has a great latitude of polarity.  It is here in this dimension where the concept of Darkness arises.  Humanity unlike other lower creatures**, has a higher spiritual existance with the ability for making choices. The two primary/long term choices are, Service to Self or Service to Others.  It has been the norm for humankind to think of Service to Others as Light and Service to Self as Darkness.   Considering that Service to Self entities are balanced with a negative polarity, and Service to Others with a positive polarity, it is to be expected that the Light/Darkness juxtaposition would be applied to the state of affairs. 


Now here is the difficulty in our understanding.  The Creator is the Creator of All That Is.  The Creator is All Love, All Light and thus, the Creator loves the STS and the STO entities equally.  The Creator experiences Itself in each of Its creatures equally.  It is in the balancing of Light and Love in the creature, whether STS or STO that is the key to spiritual evolution.  HMMMMM???    What kind of statement is that you may ask.  The Service to Self entity is motivated by Love just as the Service to Others entity.  The object of the love is all that is different.  The balancing of Love with Light ( insert Enlightenment)  is the same in both cases. 

It is when there is in the negative, STS entity a radically unbalanced Love/Light potential that we get what we consider a Dark entity, ie Adolf Hitler,  Charlie Manson,  or Rasputin.   Or, as is reported elsewhere, negatively balanced STS ETs ***which are seemingly influencing what we consider the Darkness in our world.   A whole nother story.


** This is not to say that lower dimension ceatures have no spiritual existance or "life", but are at that point unevolved toward self-awareness.   The Earth (planets)is the one exception and Ra indicates that Earth is already evolved to 4th dimension.

*** The whole concept of Love/Light-Light/Love, negative/positive polarity applies to all self-aware creatures/entities, humankind as well as Extraterrestrial or Alter-universal entities.  Thus we have the self-serving Grays manipulating TPTB and we have the so called Galactic Confederation and other STO entities who are working to assist mankind in preserving and uplifting our world.


I think enough of this for one day.


In the Love and Light of our one infinite Creator.





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Let's ride this "standing" "holographic" wave. The momentum is on our side and I am so glad you guys are so on top of this, intention wise. I am in the correspondence process with IONS of trying to locate specifically something in writing from the institute concerning those MRI examples I spoke of. For now, here is a link to publications and articles published by the Institute of Noetic Sciences.


Here is a link of a short video of Dr. Mitchell expressing the utmost importance of understanding quantum properties as science goes forward and a 61 minute video of his "Quantum Hologram and ESP" lecture I have been referring to, as well as a paper he wrote that goes a long way toward explaining/defining the very "natural", but heretofore unexplained phenomena he discusses in his video presentation.




I will stay on top of tracking down some more on all of this and if you both have any spare time, you might begin to look through the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) with me.

Here are links to the "Quantum Hologram and ESP" DVD:



And Dr. Mitchell's ground-breaking book, "Way of the Explorer"


Along with understanding quantum properties will come a cause-and-effect quantum shift of "consolidated" understanding by virtue of our collective intent! This is better than any amusement park I could ever imagine...
A HUGE DITTO ON OMFG!!!! And (hopefully) soon to become,

"Oh, That.... Where have you been?"


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All that you said resonates with me and shows clearly why judgmental behavior is such an utterly useless endeavor. When you mentioned variations of light intensity, it made me remember an experiment the science channel displayed that revealed why sunspots appear dark. They took two light sources, one much more intense than the other, and put the less intense source in front of the more intense source. Whalla! A dark spot made of less intense light! Its all relative and everyone knows you cannot pick your relatives, haha (or can you, oooohhhhmmmm).

It is such a relief to be fully convinced of how impossible it is to "judge". We seem to have gone from the "tree of Life" to the "tree of knowledge of good and evil" (tree of disinformation if you ask me)... We are free to love, grow, evolve, expand and shed light as self-aware beings. There is nothing else we can really do as well, in the final analysis...

Thank you Berry,


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here is a MP3 link from David Wilcock's website Divine Cosmos that speaks elequently of the effect our collective intent has upon the world(s) we live in/on, and also relates well to much of the info found in the links I posted above.




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