Hello From Vietnam

Hello all,


It's wonderful to see some familiar faces (or names as it may be.)  I'm doing fantastic.  I have been shorting the markets pretty heavily and teaching online.  I've adhered to social distancing other than a few grocery store runs for almost 3 weeks now.


I created some new boundaries with my family, which were very important and necessary.  I now feel more free than any point in my life.  My online job is going well and paying great.  Vietnam is not only very affordable, but they are also handing this crisis very well.


They are actually one of the top countries in the world with the amount of resources available to combat this.  There are even local people donating money to the government to cobat what is going on.  It's like voluntary taxes and people are lining up to help.  It really is amazing.


Besides that, I've been on my medicine for almost 4 years now and have not had one manic experience.  I still partake in some recreational drugs, especially hallucinagenics to help reconnect me with my higher self, but never miss a day with my anti-psychotics.  I guess you could say I've found a good balance.


I have a Vietnamese gf, who is treating me fantastically.  The only problem is that she never takes time for herself or stops pampering me.  I guess it could be worse.  The global problems in my eyes are all for the best and I can see it playing out.


The cabal is being fought and defeated by none other than Donald Trump.  It's hard to say for me, as I despise him as a person.  But I have come to respect the guy.  He is doing things that nobody else could ever do.  He has really impressed me.


With that said, please look into Adrenochrome and what he is doing to fight the Cabal, child sex traficking, murder, and black market sales of dead children's blood to the elite to name a few.  There are some good documentaries on the subject by Q Anon if you are interested in learning more.


That is all I have for now.  I will try to stay on top of this as much as possible.  


I really love the G Spot and am glad to see it going again.


Love you all so very much


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Great to hear that you are doing well, Nick! And thanks for the inspiring news from Vietnam.

I'm afraid I don't buy all the stuff from QAnon, Wilcock, and others that Trump is going to save us all. By April 10th, the date they are predicting everything will have changed, I'd be willing to bet they will have some excuse for why it was postponed, as has happened every time these predictions are made for many years. Consider that this may be very sophistical disinformation.

If you are waiting for someone to save you and us, I suspect you will keep on waiting until you realize the true savior lies within.

Much love and a warm, germ-free hug,

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Glad you're having a grand adventure!

I also had to set some boudaries with my blood family.

And I don't believe in Q either. We have to save our selves. If you honestly believe Trump does anything for anyone besides himself, you're a poor judge of character. Completely self-centered and power mad.

I don't suppose you have access to Netflix, but if you do, check out The Family.

I'll make one comment about our current situation, and then it's only looking forward for me, that's why I quit stolenhistory.org cause they wouldn't stop talking about it.

It is all over. The power of the STURCH has been broken (not by Q or Trump) and the control system will not be coming back.

I used to think it would take three days to a week to destroy money, and this has been over two weeks and counting... It's over.

So think about our bright and free future! Develop more community and build your local villages. Enjoy the healing Earth. So much pollution is receding after just this long! I can't wait until all I hear is nature and people living in harmony again.

That old thimg wasn't about harmony at all.

Love you all and I'll enjoy the time we have left here together until the internet inevitably ends as well.

Work on your other senses and abilities! Develop your super powers during this grace period we have before things get more challenging.

Thanks guys.


I do want to say I'm not really a Trump fan by any means. I just think he is a good fit for the role being played at the moment.


I'm also excited for the coming changes. I have some conscious communities to visit this year after all of this blows over.  


Love you guys

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I concur, pal.

I actually thought he was perfect for the job of exposing 'Merica for what it really is. The poster child for bullies. I don't judge him, he is what he is.

And it's just taking itself apart. All we gotta do is stay outta the way and work on building the real thing. Politics, religion and entertainment industries are self-destructing from their own iniquity.

I feel like I've been waiting for this time for my entire life. Time to SHINE.

Peace, brother.

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