Asking for a friend

Is this group dead?  


What is going on?  The world is literally on fire right now and nobody has anything to say.  This is a little weird to me.  Anbody else?

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Hi Nick

Great to hear from you!

There's been some interesting interaction on the site not so very long ago, but recently so little activity I've found difficulty in maintaining interest and motivation to post any thoughts.  There's no doubt this space has the potential for meaningful support and interaction (as it has done in the distant past), but when no-one else is playing the game it all seems pretty pointless.

BTW, what's happening with you, Nick, just at the moment?

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Yes, I'm also sad to see so few here posting and interacting. Thanks for chiming in now. I hope you both are doing well. Much love, Fred

I'm doing well.  I've been diving into some FB groups and really finding some like minded souls.  If you search Nicholas Miller Sayulita, you can find me.  If this isn't popping, at least we can make some new connections as a farewell.  


P.S.  I'm in Vietnam now and still planning to fly into Bodh Gaia, India in May.  


Peace and love

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Have a great time on your travels, Nick! Much love and warm wishes to all, Fred

Thanks Fred.  You did an amazing job with this community.  I am forever grateful for all the work you put into this.  It has really changed my life.  I think it has served its purpose for now.  Maybe one day it will come back strong.  Who know?

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Yes it is a little sad especially since the content is extraordinary and full of Love! Not to mention Fred being such a beautiful soul! Life is funny sometimes. I was shocked to see it's been three years for me as well. I do continue to support this monetarily but it needs more of our time than anything else right now. I am going start checking in again. Loving Blessings! 

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Hi Mario - pleased to meet you - it's always good to get some new connection on the site. As you can see, I'm still checking in from time to time to see what's happening here!

In recent weeks I've been on the site looking at the Law of One info. I've just read Don Elkins' first volume of the Ra Contact, got sidelined into some stuff by David Wilcock, and just in the last few days my attention has been highjacked by a brand new release from Asil Toksal (I hadn't heard of him before) - Transmission - certainly worth a look, not least because it's very very current and relates to what's going down now cosmically.

With much love and blessings

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It is sad because the site helped me cope with a very dark time and it elevated my life unexpectedly. I wish I could help. I stopped checking in when I felt there was too much serious interest in conspiracies that I knew were not real or rational and because I had work distractions pulling me away from my earlier spiritual interests. I hope all is well for y'all.

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Good to hear from you all. And great to hear from Mario/One-love, too! Thanks for your kind words. Just FYI, I check in here once or twice a week and add my thoughts when I feel inspired. I welcome any thoughts on how to get people interested in connecting here again. Much love to all!

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