Grand Tartaria

So... Not sure where to start.

Our mainstream version of history for the last few hundred years is faulty. War isn't our natural heritage, it was beaten into us. All the wars since around 1800 have been to wipe traces of our true history from the planet. Even RIGHT NOW they are still attempting to obliterate it. NWO. Disney and McDonald's.

Tartaria. Giants. Global civilization and trade. California island and mud floods. 1000 years added to an already "trumped up" Roman calendar.

Amazing architecture and technology of free electricity. Taken. Usurped. Buried. Appropriated.


My mind has been on fire with possibilities lately. Very inspiring AND upsetting. But WOW. Just WOW.

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Yes, and as we ever more see through this all the time, we get to play an active role in creating the reality we envision for ourselves and our world. Cool stuff!

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(wow) Chris your on fire bro . You are on it . We have never had natural wars all played on us
( CHESS) Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions .

Man your feelings are real my friend ,Kudos .


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WEIRD. Found out it's cause Putin opened up past records in 2013. Now with "crazy" flat-earthers spending all their time on google earth AND looking at photos of our past circa 1850-1915 and scrutinizing history, they discovered the mud floods and orphan relocations and general lack of people in the old photos. Exciting stuff!
Still works when names get changed and people moved about...
Going to try to visit SF, CA this year on road trip toward PNW. See if any of those old "world's fair" buildings are still around... Hopefully have some psychometric skills worked up by that time, so all I'll have to do is TOUCH one

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Here are some supposedly random videos which interrelate. I like these channels (mostly) until they get too repetitive or rambling...
Or want to debate the shape of the EARTH

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MORE to help with the APOCALYPSE (unveiling).
Whoa to thee that I ever learned how to post videos. Got some catchin up to do! I'll try to start a different thread with Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton and some others with SOLUTIONS to this global CF mess we find ourselves in (self-censored up there)

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And here's the REALLY interesting thing about my discoveries of the last twenty something years (etc) and the WingMakers. And our TSI (time/space illusion) in general. MIND.
"15" was looking for ways through technology of time manipulation to avoid a FUTURE invasion by "hostile" entities when we'd ALREADY been invaded. Hm.
Wonder what "information" he was working off of...

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Well? Which was it? 1915 or 1939? Fred, you're the CLOSEST, so why don't you dig into your local microfilm and microfiche stacks and clear this up FOR THE WHOLE WORLD?!

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And Julie? You live near GRAND CENTRAL of the remnants of architecture. Go check out LONDON and see the stolen sites. Big Ben? Parliament? Not built by the BRITISH!
Dresden? OBLITERATED. Rome? Bombed out or taken over. The VATICAN? Nice occupation there, usurper...

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Have you come across Laura Knight-Jadczyk's Secret History of the World? A lot of intensely mind-boggling stuff in there, not to mention the Wave Series. I got hooked into these some years back, but needed to take a break at the time as things were getting far too dark!

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I'll check it out, thanks. These guys are the antagonists in Michael Ende's book Momo as well. Better than the Neverending Story I thought...
Mind parasites...

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Descriptions of her WORDY books on Amazon sounds like she knows some things...
I don't have Kindle Unlimited, so we'll see...
I'll look around WWW more

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Some interesting interpretations of her out there. Seems a mixed bag, like most channeled stuff.
Sometimes, you just have to get out (in) there and do it yourself!
Which is what I'm aiming toward.
Words, words...

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I'm not dissing channeled information. Just choosy and direct in my approach. LESS words is MORE. Otherwise, it's a racket.
Digging The Only Planet of Choice. Halfway through and it's solid. The NINE

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Who knows? Maybe the amazing studio responsible for the Harry Potter films was around a few hundred years ago and THEY built all of that ODD architecture GLOBALLY.
They're super talented in creating worlds.
I enjoy watching extras and behind the scenes of creators of MAGIC. Hogwart's definitely has the same style...

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I don't have my remote sensing skills functioning yet...
But Fred, if you know any "gifted" folks in your town, you should have them touch or focus on some of this remaining architecture...

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I'm a bit heavy with Jon's videos, but he assembles some of the best photos, so...

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Fascinating stuff about lost history - it's the little things that seem to be the most telling, eg lack of activity and people in a lot of the photos.

I was particularly touched by the last bit of Jon's personal comment on the last video link:

"Only time will tell if I have made the right choices. In Buddhism, “desire” is at the root of all suffering. In Taoism, “acceptance” is the most important teaching, and “peace of mind” is ones greatest treasure.

Thank you all for the love and support. It has been the best part of this Channel. The greatest things in the world would not be great if they could not be shared. God bless you ALL!"

These sentiments resonate so much with my own way of thinking/being! Always good to stumble across like minds. Thanks, Chris, for bringing this stuff to the fore ;-)

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Inportunate poltroons. That's the name for who's in charge NOW. The conquerors. The colonizers. The slavers. The BOSSES.
Enjoy it while you can, suckers!

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