Undeniable evidence of satanic cults

Warning! The essay below contains the most disturbing, yet well researched information you are likely to ever come across.

Should you choose to read it, you will learn about secret societies literally hell-bent on controlling the destiny of humankind. You will find undeniable evidence of Satanic cults which teach that rape and murder are virtuous acts, and they practice what they preach.

If you are committed to working towards a brighter future for us all, this is required reading. By educating ourselves and shining light into these shadows, we can more effectively work together to bring positive change to our lives and world. Thanks for caring.


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I'm afraid I don't have the strength to confront this. I fear I'll become depressed and morose and stop functioning. Such evil leaves me stunned with horror and disgust but hopeless to understand it's cause. I'm sorry to admit this Fred but I want to do something other than just try to ignore it. You deserve a better response than no response.

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That's a very honest answer Brian. A case so dark as this really tries one of the key "beliefs" taught in the transformation course,,,,that everyone has a heart, and wants to love,and be loved. Is it possible that one can be so far out of alignment with their true nature that they can become creators of the extreme dark side of themselves? maybe!

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OK I read most of it and I didn't get depressed. Guess I needed to get that off my chest. The fact of it being widespread is so hard to believe

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I am in the process of confronting a deep, pervasive fear within myself. Since agreeing to confront it, doors have begun opening up for me. So, Brian, maybe you could try taking on a fear or two and see what happens.

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Thanks Noa. This is really interesting. I read "The Universe Has Your Back" by Gabby Bernstein and it was the first book that really got me to see the opposite of fear is love. (well maybe others have said that but i couldn't hear them?) and it altered my life. I started to confront things I haven't dared to confront before and have felt much more peaceful since. This has been such an important time for me because literally every day and nearly every minute of every day has been an assault of fears and anxiety that has haunted me for years. Not saying I don't still get triggered-I am- but it's made it so I can see each fear as just another thing to experience-that it won't break me-I will make it through-I will gain freedom from things that have plagued me for years, decades, my whole life. Wow. Yesterday I was cowering from this mysterious and deadly serious dread about something I can't even remember what and it dawned on me to just look at that fear. Even though it has scared me to my bones for years I could see it was just another thing in my mind and not some certainty but an errant thought-something that seemed worse the longer I avoided it. (boy do I have a lot of those). I've also found out I'm not alone in being plagued by constant fear because several writers shared publicly this was their reality too. It's made me stop thinking I am defective, broken, mentally ill cripple I have often feared myself to be-NOT! I would recommend the book but I think my experiences were not necessarily reproducible within another person by reading it-it may have just been the right book at the right time for me....

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Wow, Brian! Thanks for sharing those important realizations and shifts. I love what you are doing. And thanks, too, Noa, for courage in confronting your fears. This is soooooooo important! It's amazing what happens when we choose to face our fears head on and shine a loving light there.

I invite you to review two essays which can help to deal with this. Here they are:


Take care, and have a rich day and week ahead.

Sending much love and support,

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The links were really good reminders. I needed to hear the second one so much-about the choice to react to what happens to us-Victim or Creator? I esp liked:
"It might be the terrible politicians, your boss or the evil cabal of the power elite that rules the world." Lately I've been worrying about a power elite and knowing somehow it's not what I want to do but I just couldn't remember WHY I didn't want to worry about it-real or not.

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