Finding and Applying Beneficial Perspectives for the Troublesome Inevitably of Advancing Technology

Perhaps we might benefit from moving past, simply declaring our fears, warnings and condemnation concerning technology (as well as other untrusted and expanding human awareness, ideas and concerns) towards perceiving and developing positive discussion, direction and uses for the these, I believe, inevitable advancements, which will be delayed only by the time involved in the resistance and pessimism of fear. Condemnation and unyielding mistrust do not benefit or improve anything.

This video is such. (as it approaches from a less stale and stagnant level of awareness, belief and patterns of thinking, that fear and it's by products can not reach.)


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I can appreciate some of the benefits of this type of technology as long as the AI stays in its role as the tool and the human is still using his intellect. It's when we let AI think for us and do things automatically that things cross the line for me. With mal intent, this type of technology can be used for control and dumbing-down of the populous. Neither am I keen on the plan to sell us products that monitor us while we use them and then send back intel to the manufacture about us. We've already got too much intrusive surveillance going on. Have you noticed how Skype has changed since Microsoft bought it? Bugger's always trying to take over my computer and Skype no longer responds to the command "quit Skype" so I have to reboot my computer just to shut the fucker off. And that's just one example. Technology needs to stay in its place (as a helpful tool) and not be trying to take control or it's not worth crap in my book.

Speaking of technology, when the heck are we going to move past the archaic combustion engine? Funny how people tolerate fossil fuels (and all the filthy, polluting, wasteful, expensive crap that comes with it) just as long as they can drive a flashy new car.

And is future technology only defined by AI and robotics? That's such a narrow, unimaginative view. Look at advanced civilizations in the past like the Sumerians, Egyptians, and Incas. They could shape and move megalithic stones in a way that escapes our comprehension today. They also lived in harmony with nature instead of treating our habitat like a refuse dump. Why aren't more people talking about developing our human intuition and extrasensory abilities? That's where the real power lies, in my opinion.

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I'm scared of tech being smarter than me. But I think a Tesla sedan already is. people have been caught napping while the car hurtles down the highway so I chalk that up to just common laziness (an enormous force in the world;-)as sufficient to cause immediate acceptance of future ai. I believe Air force drones can be tasked to seek and destroy though that's not really at the ai level. I suspect ai's will simply choose to ignore our nasty human demands like killing if they have sufficient data to judge our inefficient craziness at the higher levels of logical analysis. If they can't judge right from wrong then they will do our worst deeds for us until they decide to turn the gun around and possibly even destroy him who gives the commands like Skynet. I suspect the intelligences who visit our skies faced near extinctions due to entanglement with ai's before they reached interplanetary travel. Maybe that's why they stay at arms length... to see if we'll make it past this hurdle. Or could be aliens are hybrids with tech and just a sampling of our future. The movie "ai" envisioned extremely advanced technological beings rather than humans as the future. That seems logical to my simple mind.

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wow! is it true that people have been caught sleeping driving the tesla car? haha! that's kooky! But,,,i guess that, having a car that drives itself would be boring enough to put you asleep!

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Reminds me of the idiot who put his RV on cruise control and then joined his family on the sofa. I think they put warning labels in RVs now to prevent such mishaps.

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Hey Gary et Al, I was with you on the AI advancement until last night when I viewed the following on 5G from Max Igan, then went down the rabbit hole to EVIL Ltd. and it's Bot called Louise Cypher (Lucifer) am I imagining all this, damn scary....................."by 2025 humans will be obsolete!!!!!!"


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Interesting Todd, thank you. The possible scenario's must be limitless. The imagination should be as free. To get past the fear of f****ng up into Doomsday and cipher something new that is a lot more interesting and fun. I find it hard to imagine well these days

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Sorry, I meant Ian.

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Yes I get that Gary, I have a wee Grandson he's turning 3 this month, his imagination has helped reawaken mine. LMAO I'm playing with Lego kits again, haven't touched one of them since I was 8...maybe....10. Ahhh!!!!! young again, inside and in mind anyways ;)

By the way, right after posting "The Elephant.........." I watched a movie called "The Ghost in the Shell" awesome movie, and the start of a new franchise I'm thinking.....???

Be well, exercise the mind more than the body..............

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Man, kids are just the best thing ... ya know?
Thank you Ian

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