Insight on Twin Flame Relationships

Hey everyone! I hope you're all doing wonderful. I've been pretty good myself, living in Anaheim right now, driving for uber, and writing and working out my body! I have been seeing someone recently, a beautiful soul... Who is tormented from her most recent relationship. It had all the signs of a twin flame connection- the volatile nature, the pushing back and forth, the intense, out of this world sex, etc. Here's the problem... This man was a narcissist sociopath. He did some unspeakable things to her. He cut her out of his life entirely and she never received closure a few months ago. She is aware of there being "fake twin flames" and what not but I wanted to turn to the wisdom of all of you to receive some insight on the matter. I am giving my love unconditionally but she is not in that place yet to return it... I am unsure if she actually likes me or just the way I make her feel. It doesn't matter to me, I know enough now to give my love without remorse and accept it in whatever form it returns to me. Regardless of what happens between us now and in the future, I want to help in any way I can. I can answer pretty much any questions. Thank you for your time! Filled with love and light, Cameron.

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She might just need a friend to talk to, a safe place to vent for now...

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My take on it is that sometimes it takes awhile after a relationship ends to genuinely see what has happened and accept your part in it.  It's never one sided, and never solely the 'fault' of one person and not the other. She may need some time to just be who she really is-warts and all. 

Some come into our lives and go again quickly and some stay longer.  If you are meant to be more, you will be more. You can't force it, you can't make things happen.  When you find someone that you can truly be YOU with, through good, bad and in between you have found something akin to a treasure. 

On many levels though, it isn't about loving her-it's about loving yourself enough to know who you are first and sharing that openly.  True intimacy is worth the time and investment in another. Show her your beautiful heart.  If she isn't the one to accept it, someone that is will appear at the right time.

Glad you are doing well, be happy Cameron.             

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Guys love to rescue damsels in distress. Just saying. I think we are hardwired for it.

I don't know a thing about twin flame arrangements but I think we all have parts of us that only get engaged or brought out by certain people. Many people (OK maybe everybody) have mental health issues that are manageable until that just so partner appears and WHAM! You can go off the deep end in some way. She might have found that person who unhinged her or visa versa. Hmmm.

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I think your pretty dang close man.

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Hey maybe I'm not being critical of myself enough, but I think I was in a relationship with a sociopath. They are out there. If thats the case, the only part she played was allowing herself to have anything to do with him. But you said, he broke the relationship up not her. Sounds like she must have been part of the problem so tread carefully, you may be walking into a problem for yourself.

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Good call guys. I'm being careful for sure. I'm a little more interested in the general opinions on "twin flames". Are they actually out there? Or is it a concept that can cause two people to delude themselves into thinking they are? Kind of like how our belief systems are tools for us to reach higher planes of consciousness, is the twin flame concept something you can "choose" to believe to create a deeper relationship? I feel very strongly that sociopaths have a different understanding of some of these higher concepts, in such a way that they don't fully understand it themselves, but he found the twin flame thing and used it to further trap her in his snare.

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the sociopathic manipulative angle you mention is intriguing.  definitely very plausible in human nature.  the other thing I thought of is we need to be careful to not give up our sovereign personal power to alluring concepts or ideas.  its literally irresponse-able - as in "I don't want to be responsible for my decisions".  "it was the alluring twin flames concept's fault"....

or his fault

or her fault

never my fault for being swayed and giving up my inherent sacred sovereignty

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I personally don't believe it so much. It's a highly selfish individual romantic notion. And the main purveyors sound pretty fluffy and cheesy. Plus it distracts from the whole "higher self" path and individual wholeness. That piece is not physically incarnate. 

One has a greater or lesser resonance with similar rays, depending on individual programming. Some are drawn to challenges and learning rather than comfort and safety. 

The holographic fractal nature of our experience makes me believe there aren't really as many of us as we think there are. About 7-9 when it comes down to it.

There's also past life relationships and agreements to consider...


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      That's why I would stop right here,,,,,,,,,in trying to figure it out....

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As good a statement as any, for me to just STOP RIGHT THERE. 

Thanks, t

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Half the time it's like you guys are having a conversation within a conversation. =P Chris, you make a good point about taking personal responsibility for our sovereign selves. I like that. And I think I agree with you about twin flames, Jmo. But what propels people to meet and eventually have sex where they are completely propelled into tantric sex? I've never experienced it myself with the people I have been with, people I have really deeply loved- but other people have sex with someone and accidently slip into this incredible experience that changes their lives. I guess this is a personal issue of mine, but I'm jealous of how easy it was for them! But in the end, the two people I have met who had this similar experience, the relationship didn't end up working out. Almost like they got there too soon. One friend of mine even has dreams of a parallel life with this guy where the relationship worked out. Crazy stuff! I can't even believe it as I type it.

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But it sucks to realize, time and time again, that these "beliefs" are almost always self-containing. Even the "awake" people my age are still held back by some of these false "new age" myths. They're looking for this twin flame relationship that they expect to blow them out of the water so their hearts remain closed to what's tight in front of them. I had a big week when it came to self-reflection.meeting this girl, learning her story was a big part of that. And I am grateful for that. I am learning more and more that the only persons love I truly need is my own. But I feel so ready to share all this love- the love that I feel surrounding us at all times, in all spaces. We're not in a world yet where people are ready to accept it. I remain slightly frustrated and impatient which just goes to show you I still have a long way to go!

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Hey Cameron. Looks like you're methodically sifting your way through it all though.

They tell me when notions and/or confusion occur in you, to try not to decide anything about them immediately. Just let them come, notice them as they do and let them go without much thought or at least without much opinion. Then it'll come to you what's going on. Of course talking to people is recommended. Imagine that.

Looks like to me you got all the bases covered. The frustration and impatience, also have their purpose and you taking note like you have is what I'm told is the first step from there. You may be closer than you think despite those feelings.

Chin up. It appears you're taking the right steps.

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We can all only relate to you what the experiences of our own lives are Cameron.  I had a tremendously difficult time as an adolescent-I was too beautiful.  Because of physicality I learned early how both powerless and powerful our sexuality is and can be.  For a time, I related to how I had been victimized, as well as wondering what I had done to 'deserve' it-both attitudes that don't serve anyone well.  Then for a time, I became the one that used that power of sexuality to get what I wanted from the men I knew.  Then something different happened and I met a man whose life experience mirrored mine in many ways and yet our attitudes and ways of dealing with things were totally different.  Life kept putting us back together, even though we bumped heads all the time.  Many years later, I realize all the things we have taught each other through good and bad times together.  We've tried to part ways many times over the course of 40 years and yet, here we are together married for 35 of those years with beautiful children and a grandchild.  Where's the twin flame thing fit in this? Dunno.  Why I'm telling you this-I always thought we were soooo very different.  My head in the clouds, his feet stuck in the mud.  Then one of my mentors, very proficient in numerology, looked at our numbers.  Every one of them is exactly the same.  Destiny, life path...exactly the same.  His comment to me upon doing that reading was..."he is what grounds you-without him, you may not have accomplished half of what you have".  From a very deep place within me, I know that is true.  All these years later, we've finally realized what we really are to each other and I thank my lucky stars that it's happened before one or the other of us decides to leave the planet.  Relationships-all of them-help to make us who we are.  Bless every one of them.  While they're here and when they are over.  Like the old adage... better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. We are all learning. Every day that we live to love and breathe.                  Blessings Cameron.           

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I'm so glad you have had this kind of life OneSong. You have what it takes. I wasn't as fortunate.

Cameron, I hope you just take what comes. My opinion is there are no such categories of relationships. It's just a shorthand for conversational purposes. Pop jibber-jabber. I believe couples relate uniquely in every case. A piece of advice from an older guy-enjoy that woman as much as possible. Each day. Every day. Don't allow your life to get into a rut for years. Find new ruts. Mistrust what society tells you about how to live and love. Society is a myth and a hazard, full of nonsense. Trust just you.

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