Martin Armstrong, paradigm-shifting economist: Next decline will be far worse.

I think Martin Armstrong is a billiant man.  He developed a computer program that models historical and current events, cycles of war, the flow of capital -- to predict with uncanny accuracy (it is said) events of all kinds, from social to market to political.  His data goes back through all of recorded history.  The government tried to get the source code from him, but he refused to give it up.  For not cooperating, he was thrown into federal prison for 10 years, at least some of that in solitary confinement. Then they let him out, but threatened to harm his family if he didn't give it.  It was only after he told them that he would commit suicide before putting his family at risk, that they left him alone.  Now he's bringing his life's work to the public the world over.  At the forefront of this effort is the documentary film that he agreed to have made about him and about his focus and concern at this time in world history.  It's mentioned prominently on the website; there may be a trailer.

A note:  He does acknowledge market manipulation but maintains that the manipulations only jerk markets up or down in the very short term, but that the patterns of the longer trends can not be manipulated.

In any case, here's a most riveting interview with him: .  There are other youtube interviews/talks of his there, too. 

And here's his website: .  It's a new website, free for now, but eventually membership will cost.  I spent about 8 hours lost in the website.  Unbelievable.  A temporary free membership, where you can access another level of information and analysis, can be found here: .  Click on "Account".

Here's a sample of his wide-ranging Archive updates (found on the home page, right column), this one for December, as of today, the 12th:


Civil Unrest is Rising Everywhere & Government Digs in its Heels





I have warned that governments always turn against the people. Illinois just made it a felony to film police abuse in the USA. The Spanish government has followed the same course. Despite protests from political, judicial and population, the politicians who are becoming ruthless elite dictators rather than democratic representatives of the people, passed a law which provides extensive fines for protesters who dare to film the abuse of police. They have the audacity to claim filming police  is an “offense against public safety” with fines of up to 600,000 euros. It is the police who protect government – not the people. So let’s get this straight. “public safety” has become a code word for “government safety” that no longer gives two shits about the people.

Switzerland enacted laws requiring registration of all guns in the country for the first time when. Why? There have not been any incidents of “public safety”. They too realize that the people are starting to wake up against the abuse of government everywhere. The people have caused this. As a whole, people watch sports, buy clothes, and go to dinner. Generally at best half even bother to vote. That has sent the signal to government elites the people do not care so corruption has run wild. But now with taxes rising, unemployment rising, pensions vanishing into thin air, and living standards declining, people want real change no words.

Even in the USA, the Republicans wrongly believe their ideas are what the people want. They too raise taxes. This funding bill allowing the banks to repeal Dodd Frank is an example of the corruption behind the scenes. They votes for Republicans because who is ever in power is being tossed out. Come 2016, it will be the Republican’s turn as we see a rise in third-party activity. This repeal of Dodd Frank is a John Andrew Boehner special that goes against the conservative T-Party Republicans.

Politicians will be politicians. What is left to say?

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A note:  He does acknowledge market manipulation but maintains that the manipulations only jerk markets up or down in the very short term, but that the patterns of the longer trends can not be manipulated.

This makes sense to me. You would need an unlimited supply of either gold or fools to continue the gold market manipulation over the long term. But then again, an unlimited supply of foolsmay actually be possible....


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The description of his life is super compelling (if it's real)but I hope he's wrong. What the fuck would I do to survive? No job, no way of acquiring food, medicine, no shelter but mainly no hope. I'd last about a month before starving to death or being knifed by former church goers for my shoes. I have to admit I don't really believe the sky is falling stuff because I noticed there is a cottage industry out there for The End is Nigh...

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The preppers have a plan.  If we're smart, we'll do our best to plan for the inevitable.

If you don't think this economic house of cards is going to tumble, you haven't done the math.  Worldwide, the derivative market alone is more than the global GDP.

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Much more, the numbers on derivatives is staggering.  They are also passing legislation that will allow banks to seize personal bank accounts to save themselves from going under.  It is bad enough that they keep using the taxpayer to fund their aggresive financial blunders, but this new legislation just shows how far the fascist state corporatocracy has come.

I am glad there are the BRIC nations developing alliance.  This Western "NATO" Fascist Alliance has to crumble and die....  how soon is guesswork that I don't even entertain anymore....

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