Wabi Sabi Love

When I'm feeling judgmental or need to boost my feelings of gratitude, I remember the stories in this video. ~ Noa



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I smiled all the way through this, because so much of it rang true with me.  The first ten years with my husband every morning was a challenge.  I am a morning person and he is not.  I'd get up to make his lunch and help him get off to work and he'd bark at me until he left the house.  He'd forget about it as soon as he left, I'd be upset all day wondering what I did wrong and still be pissed off when he got home ... it took ten years to learn that his morning huff had absolutely nothing - nada to do with me. 

I started staying in bed 20 minutes longer, left lunch made for him the night before or let him make his own, and let go of all the anger this created between us.  38 years later, I get up before him, enjoy my tea, meditate, read...and stay the hell out of his way while he stomps around the house.  The fun part is now our daughter has moved back in for awhile as she gets her Masters-and she is just as nasty in the morning as her dad so they get to dance around each other and I just observe, stay out of the way and SMILE!      

I have a good day, they never think of it again, and loves working here all the time. May your home be filled with Wabi Sabi Love and your heart smile! Thanks for the entertaining post Noa.            kristyne                         

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