Just watching this can be a positive and inspiring experience.

I guess I don't know how to embed this video so here is the URL and you can paste it in your search engine.  Sorry about my ineptitude but the video is worth it. It is a free 22 min segment of a full length video which costs $795 so now you can really enjoy it.


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Thanks for sharing the beautiful and inspiring piece!

Much love and joy,

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It's almost always been a positive experience opening a National Geographic magazine, and I'm sure that DeWitt Jones' film would be, too.  (Although I did find the trailer to be a bit on the slick side.)  It's wonderful to focus on what's right and beautiful, as long as that doesn't function as papering over what's wrong and not beautiful.  Not that either the magazine or the film have an obligation to even mention what's wrong or ugly.  NG does, however, offer a passive escape from certain realities -- the way many Disney movies and some other feel-good films do.  I watch them (usually not Disney), too, and enjoy them.

But, in fact, National Geographic (which Jones is clearly plugging) does fully get into what's ugly and wrong with the environment.  (And I don't know that the hard-copy NG hasn't devoted space to this issue; Jones implies that it has not, but I don't have the time to search.)  But on their website we can see the forthright acceptance of the notion that "scientists believe" that the chief responsibility for global warming rests on our (human) shoulders, whereas this assertion is seriously in question in many inquisitive people's minds -- including those of other scientists.

Here's the opening paragraph from NG's "Global Warming" page (under the "Environment" tab) online:

The current cycle of global warming is changing the rhythms of climate that all living things have come to rely upon. What will we do to slow this warming? How will we cope with the changes we've already set into motion? While we struggle to figure it all out, the face of the Earth as we know it—coasts, forests, farms, and snowcapped mountains—hangs in the balance.  [My emphasis]

In other places on the website there's mention of the melting of the ice shelves and glaciers on both poles and the consequent rise of ocean levels.  And on the whole it makes the full case for global warming as being the doing chiefly if not entirely of humans, and lays out the full spectrum of possible disasterous consequences, as well as possible solutions.

I'm not going to give references here of support for the findings (of other scientists) to the effect that all of the planets are warming up due to what our entire solar system is undergoing in consequence of the increased activity in our sun, and within the dynamics of the entire galaxy -- or in examining the probablilities of the results of global warming.  Alnyone can find this material by searching. 

But I will say that I've not heard from locals on Eastern seaboard of the US of any rise in sea level.  And people I've actually asked who live on the low-lying islands of the Carribbean say that ocean levels have not risen for as long as they can remember (several decades). 

So, whether by design or not, NG supports the hypothesis of the global warming movement (that it's our doing), which we know can be and already has been used by the globalists to promote the acceptance of centralized control of life on earth to protect us and the planet from ourselves.  (I haven't found anything on the NG website that actually proposes this solution, however.  But it only has to make the standard global warming case in order to serve the globalists' purpose.) 

In the end, I'm open to the "beauty and what's right" view that NG and Jones' film apparently offer.  But I'm also aware that NG (and probably Jones, too, as its promoter) is a product of the mainstream media after all, and so I'm at least aware of the possibility that global-warming propaganda could sail into us as we open ourselves to those incredibly beautiful photos & scenes of nature.  However, I won't be spending the money to see if this happens in the film.  If anyone sees it, please fill us in.

The main thing I got from this video was that there is beauty in everything if we only look for it and know it is always a possibility.  I am reminded of a story of Christ (maybe from Islamic tradition) when walking down a road with some of His disciples.  They came upon the carcass of dead dog rotting in the heat.  The disciples showed signs of disgust and commented 'how awful', 'how ugly', etc.  Then Christ approached the carcass and with the tip of His sandal raised the lip of the dog and said 'See what beautiful white teeth it has!'.   If we can remember to look for the beauty, the world will be a happier place and we will also be happier.

As for global warming I certainly can't say what may or may not be causing it.  I, too, have had questions about the rise of sea level when I don't hear any actual cases or examples of it.  We do know, however, that many changes are taking place(arctic ice, prolonged drought in many places, methane release, other unusual climate events) so something is happening.  One thing that bothers me about the argument against humans causing these events, at least partially, is that these arguments often indicate that humans need not take any responsibility for the environment.  They seem to think that Earth can handle anything we do to it so pollute and trash all you want.  What would be nice is that we all take ownership of our spaceship earth and together work to keep it in good 'ship-shape' condition.  The corporate interests are only too happy to move the cost of cleanup off their expense sheets onto the expense sheets of society while funding 'scientific studies' showing there is nothing to worry about. Yes, I know that there are global warming arguments that can provide the rationale for a 'green' industry that can make other people a lot of money, so they have a 'good' reason to lie, also. 

The issue wont be solved until all human beings see themselves as one human family with equal concern for all members and that we are all crew members on this beautiful space-ship Earth.  As crew members, we know that the harm of one is the harm of all and that the success of space-ship Earth is the success of all.  All the provisions for success have been provided if handled properly in harmony and cooperation but exploitation, domination, and competition can lead to destruction.

We are one!

 Love to all. 

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I've been thinking a lot lately (due to the daily temps over 100 deg F here) that people-caused global warming is real.

To see how to evaluate whether or not to act on this watch this superb video:

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