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Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis101221: Winter solstice and lunar eclipse symbolize the end of one era and the beginning of another

Although the deadlock at the top of the global financial system seems to be never-ending, in reality top players are waiting for a global purge of historical proportions to be completed. The result will be so dramatic that historians will discuss it for millennia. The purges are happening within freemasonry, within the US military and intelligence establishment, within orders of Knights, within the Vatican, in the Yakuza underworld, and even among the royal families of the world to name but a few. Although there were threats of war and of the unleashing of secret super-weapons such as HAARP in the run-up to the winter solstice and the full lunar eclipse, the forces of peace and harmony have emerged victorious. World peace is at hand.    (12/21/2010)

An open letter to Representative Ron Paul from Benjamin Fulford

Dear Representative Paul,            

My name is Benjamin Fulford. I am a spokesperson for the Black, White and Golden Dragon societies as well as for the Red and the Green. These ancient secret societies have a global command structure, partially visible in your local martial arts societies, that is capable of mobilizing a 100 million person army on very short notice in case of an emergency. These ancient societies have gone from dormant to semi-active mode because through the successful wiretapping of meetings of your elite, they have learned of plans to start World War 3, kill at least 4 billion people and destroy much of the Northern hemisphere. You may confirm with your Pentagon or CIA sources that this is all very real.

The reason we are writing an open letter to you is to explain why the Federal Reserve -Board needs to be abolished and the global financial architecture needs to be revamped.

The United States government is bankrupt and has been kept running along these past decades by the goodwill of the peoples of the planet. That good will is running out.

Your financial elite have proposed either devaluing the US dollar or carrying out a hidden devaluation by replacing it with a new currency called the Amero. Both proposals have been rejected. The reason is that by far most US dollars ever created are no longer owned by Americans. Many, often poor, people would suffer enormously if these dollars suddenly lost half of their value.

Our groups have proposed an alternative plan. We have offered to pay back all US debt owed to China by returning gold that was stolen from there during the 20th century. In addition, we plan write off US debt to the rest of the world by taking the US dollars owned by non-Americans, backing them with gold and putting them under the control of a new international meritocratic organization. This organization would never create any fiat currency but merely act as a neutral clearing house for governments, corporations and plutocrats.

The newly debtless United States government would then be free to issue its own government controlled currency. Such a currency would have a lower international purchasing power than the US dollar now has. The result will be that Chinese goods will become more expensive for Americans while US exports will regain their competitiveness. This will allow the US to rebuild its real economy.

However, as the history of the yen and the Plaza Accord show, devaluation alone will not solve the US’s chronic external deficit problem. The US deficit is also a structural problem caused by the fact that the military industrial complex does not produce trade-able goods.

Pentagon officials have also made it clear to us they would rather start a war than end up like Soviet era generals who suddenly found themselves driving taxis.

We therefore propose that the peoples of the world finance a gradual swords-to-plowshares transition of the military industrial complex. According to the American Association of Scientists, over 6,000 patents have been suppressed for “national security reasons.” We believe an expert review of those patents would unearth a high-tech bonanza for the American people and the US economy that would help ease this transition.

We are also proposing the creation of a global economic planning agency. This agency would be run by the motto “we stand between desires and reality.” The organization would try to surpass the sorry records of the World Bank and the IMF by carrying out an intensive campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and set humanity on the course for exponential expansion into the future. There would be no burden placed on the American people and no threat to US sovereignty posed by this organization. Rather it should provide vast new opportunities for American individuals and corporations.

Finally, although this is purely an American domestic issue, we strongly recommend that you confiscate the funds stolen from the American people this past century by amoral, criminal financiers and return them to their rightful owners. Vladimir Putin was able to quintuple Russian living standards when he did a similar thing in Russia.

The final point we wish to make is that the peoples of the world desire peace. The desperate criminal cabal behind the Federal Reserve Board still wields enormous power and is still trying to start World War 3. We would like to request the help of the American peoples in ending this perverse threat to humanity and the planet.

Sincerely yours,

Benjamin Fulford

PS: If you would like the hear more, contact me through the US embassy in Tokyo.


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for posting this.  Was wondering what happened with that story.  I definitely like the sound of "the forces of peace and harmony have emerged victorious. World peace is at hand."  I would say one can only hope but it feels like there's more for us to do now to help bring it about.

Happy Holidays everyone, much love and gratitude to you all,



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Somehow I missed reading this article when you posted it, Bob.

The plan described in Ben Fulford's letter sounds like an excellent one to me.  We may have to overhaul the entire US government to implement it, though.  Sounds like a win-win.

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Hey guys,

Does America really have a large enough gold reserve to pay back all the dollars they owe?....I don't believe they would even come close.

I also wonder about the 6000 supressed patents. We have all heard about people with cool technologies  being harassed, bullied, threatened and either bought out or killed and the tech taken....people from all over the it right for America to claim these as their own?...couldn't that be seen as a form of criminal profiteering?..

I hope in the future technology will not be supressed behind patents at should be shared so others can add there bit to it...



1.2 trillion dollars a year go towards developing and maintaining the 129 underground cities that exiist between the east and west coasts of America. They are miles underground and are every bit as elaborate as any above ground American city. Those beings who actually control this nation and its economy all live beneath our feet: we drive over the top of them every day. We are talking about a very ancient and powerful race of beings that stil live beneath the pyramids today just as they did thousands of years ago and just as they still do around the world. Our surface leaders know of this and have met them and do exactly  as they are told to do. There is no room for disagreement! The above-ground FEMA camps are just a facade for the real ones beneath the surface that they have prepared for millions of humans.They have experimental medical laboratories that would make Frankenstein look like Buddha. They do not care anything about what the surface dwellers think or want; they have an agenda that will not be compromised, one that has been in place and operational for thousands of years. There are no armies nor weapon systems capable of defeating them!  Do not think for a moment that they have any concern or worry about any Dragon Society of any color! They are Dragons! Real ones! Mr. Fulford is talking out his a..! We are and have been at war with these beings for ages. They created us in a test tube and feel that they own us and we owe them. We are lab rats! If they cannot find ways to totally control humanity, they will then destroy humanity, or try to do so!  The overt return of the Annunaki to the surface of Earth is nearly at hand. They will soon stop hiding. We only have one option left to us: don't give up your guns or your courage. Oh, and by the way, they also control the heavens from time to time. One never knows for certain who is in charge there, either; just another battle ground! They are extremely intelligent and clever. They only have one weakness. They don't think that they can be defeated by us. And they might be right, if we choose not to fight!  Ready? Fight or surrender? This is not a joke! All of those who bow to them worship Lucifer! Skull and Bones; Masons; Shriners, etc.


Hey Star,

For thousands of years men have proclaimed that the only way to freedom and peace is to fight....they, are, were and always will be, wrong.....



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We have to be realistic and face the facts.  But what you're presenting as facts are in serious question, in my mind.  Maybe there's something to the story of the Annunaki living under the surface and controlling everything and treating us like lab rats.  You speak about this with the authority of someone who has seen them first-hand.  But if you haven't, then it's just a story.  And a dark one.  (There are most likely underground cities and tunnels; have you heard the story that a couple of them have been destroyed by Pentagon white hats?)  So... there are other stories out there, many of them very positive on balance.  (You've read/heard them here on these pages.)  At the very least, we can choose our story, and in a mind-created world, that's supremely important.  And we can listen and look and think and feel about all the stories and evidence (or lack of) that come our way.  Most of the information (and disinformation) that comes our way we can't verify first-hand; it's just out of our range of experience.  So we have to use other ways of apprehending, including intuition (and they are legitimate).  That's just how it is.  But it's far better than cycling back through old stories and, through our belief in them, making them realities.

My sense (many people's sense) is that there's a big jump happening in human evolution -- social and spiritual -- here, and it's picking up speed and momentum.  And these ass-clowns are trying to tear up the tracks before the locomotive gets there -- too late now!  (That's the joke.)  That's as clear as day to me, not just because of what I hear and read but because of what I feel and see around me.  I dropped the dark story a few years ago -- not that there's no truth at all to it or that it may have been true -- but it's becoming less and less relevant in the face of what's happening in the minds and hearts of people everywhere.  If you don't see it, I hope you will.

About Fulford talking out his ass... It's easy to make pronouncements like that as if they came from knowledge.  But really, most of the pronouncements I've heard are just regurgitations of what's already stored in the head and emotions -- just conditioned stuff.  Press a switch and it plays automatically.  So we can have opinions about Fulford and anything else, but really we don't know jack.  All we "know" is what's already stuffed into this hot, dark little box on top of our necks.  My hope is to get completely out of the box and into a bigger space where there's some real knowledge and wisdom.  And I think that's where we're headed as a race on this planet.  In fact, that's as obvious to me as the sun at noon.

And guns...  I'm in favor of the Second Amendment.  Guns may play a part in some places.  But the bigger part will be played by minds and hearts opening up, dropping the old stories, the fear.  That opening up is what's driving the locomotive; it's the real power.  Fear generates guns and all weapons.  In this world, where self defense is sometimes needed, weapons have had a legitimate place (although they've been used mostly for illegitimate purposes by power structures of all kinds).  But fear is at the core weak.  That's why the NWO elite spend so much money and energy to make us feel it.  There's real power arising now in more and more people, and it has nothing to do with weapons.  So do you really believe that armed defense is all that we have to "fight" with?  Well, that's one story, and a very old one.  If that's all you believe, then I'll say that you haven't been paying attention...    (That's an opinion, not a pronouncement.)

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Let us not forget that there is more to this story than just a physical side. As "hymans" we are here to eveolve beyond what ANY race of beings in this universe have yet been able to achieve. We have power beyond what we know. Just an in inkling of that was demonstrated when some of us lowly "humans" were able to kill Reptilian commanders with just a thought- using Grey technology (so it has been said). Also remember what George K. said regarding his encounter with the Reptilian leader stationed on the moon - that being had no power over him.

So on a higher leverl - we really are more powerful than any "controlling" faction here - we just haven't embraced it in the physical as of yet...

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     This thread, and the big picture. I resonate with what your saying Bob, , love is what is generating our progress, and the fear is heaped on us to stop it. I have been drawn into many discussions about things that are only symptoms, or results of things going on, but the truth for me is, When I back up and look at the bigger picture,like " everything is either based on fear or love", I am sure that all these "problems" take care of themselves as we get our heads right....

      Man, I have been meaning to check out more of George K's stuff, it sure brings alot of flavor to the world. 

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Hi Jeff-Can you explain your comments in a bit more detail? I don't remember George K speaking about a reptillian commander. I am also clueless about what you mean by "hymans". Thanks, Wendy

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Wendy, about "hymans" -- I think it's that "y" is right next to "u" on the keyboard.  :-)

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I had a hyman (sic) before my cherry was popped!  Innocent

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Can't remember which one it was (I believe I posted it), but sure remember GK talking about his encounter with the entity on the moon, and how GK handled it with Love and acceptance, and the commander shrunk in his presence.  Was and is a powerful testimony.

Starr, so many of us have gone through what you are obviously going through.  I look back and I see it (in my opinion about my own experience) as a personal love affair with fear-based sensationalism for a "spell".  I remember trying to get everyone to listen and thinking I am one of the only ones who truly understand what is really going on on this planet, in the whole cosmos.

I now understand that it is not good for me to entertain fear as a constant diet.  Your posts of late seem to reveal that you are very immersed in this fear-based thinking.  I truly believe we are much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for.  That we are not victims, nor can we ever actually be victims.  That we are choosing every experience - that we are Sacred Sovereign Beings casting a physical shadow in 3rd density for the sake of the experience.

We are not lost, nor are we broken - we have simply forgotten - and we are beginning to remember who we really are.  That is what I see happening.  In fact, you appear so immersed in what you are saying and believing that you come off sounding like (I know you are not) an ambassador for these fear-based fearmongering beings.  You sound like you might be disappointed if you found you were wrong about your entrenched assumptions, and Fulford, Wilcock and others were right.

Just as "they" (whoever "they" may be) have every right to try to convince us of their dominance and superiority, we have every right to express our Divinity and Sacred Sovereignty, and simply offer Love instead of fear as a response to this kind of fear-based thinking and agenda.  GK is definitely one of my heroes for how well he has demonstrated this tactic in his very very very sensational first-hand experiences.

Do you really want to encourage the agenda of these fearmongering entities?  We have to abide in Love to win.  There simply is no other way, as it should be.  It is where the remembering abides, resting in silent stillness, waiting patiently for all of us to return to Divine re-cognition and personal sovereign response-ability...

Love is ALL that is Real, even - especially in the shadows.  Peace has no opposite.

All else is just sensational temptation to believe otherwise...

Another thing occurred to me Starr.  Your expressed way of thinking (in your posts) leaves you (and anyone thinking like that) in a very vulnerable position if and when the next sensational false flag event takes place.  I think 9-11 was a warm up beta test - get the public's reaction - plan the next one accordingly, as per the current fear-based agenda to manipulate the masses for strategic advantage and personal gain.  The next false flag event could very likely be a project blue beam type holographic display appearing like an attack from off world entities (of reptilian origin?)...

What I am convinced of is that there is already technology being used that would make most uninformed people believe they were seeing a UFO, when in reality it is simply present technology that has been kept very secret for quite a while.

That's where the real story is in my estimation - or a large part of it anyway...

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Terence and Dennis McKenna wrote a book called The Invisible Landscape some years ago.  One of the things being expressed more and more frequently by members of the G-Spot, David Wilcock, Bill Wood, Benjamin Fulford, etc. is the notion that those trying to hold and keep the current paradigm right where it is, right where they like it in their perceived control, cannot possibly hope to do so for much longer.

This goes right along with Terence and Dennis' theory (mathematically derived at from study of the I-Ching) called Time Wave Zero that proposes that the Universe is a novelty-producing engine, constantly in the process of becoming, evolving in waves, and in shorter and shorter periods of measured time.  Their research parallels to some degree the Mayan Calendar, all leading to a point of singularity (dawn of November 16th, 2012 from McKenna's Time Wave Zero calculations - interesting).  Terence and Dennis' Time Wave Zero theory proposes that more complexity and novelty is arrived at in the last few days and hours than all of preceding history and time of the current universe, from the so called big bang.

I place this here because while some are confident that we shall trancend the vile despotic plans of those attempting to maintain control of the current state of affairs, others are worried that we will not escape their evil clutches unless we fight our way out of their hold on the commonwealth "us".  Although this video is over 4 hours long, the first 35 minutes gets to the point.  The only question is, will you be able to stop listening after 50 minutes, LOL

The Invisible Landscape: Peer Review (Terence McKenna) [FULL] - YouTube

Love More and Expect Miracles.  That is my story that I choose.


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