A Haiti Disaster Relief Scenario Was Envisaged by the US Military One Day Before the Earthquake

Interesting article at Globalresearch.ca. Considering the evidence that haarp has been used to create earthquakes, the fact that the military was drilling for a disaster there just days prior looks susicious. Why would anyone want to do such a thing? Is Haiti a threat to the powers that be?

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Hi Wendy,

In your profile you say you'd like to meet Cyntia McKinney.  So would I.  She's probably the most courageous person to have been in Congress for the past 10 years.  I'm on her "[email protected]" mailing list, and she sent the below mailing less than a week ago.  In it she takes a broad and deep look at Haiti historically and now, and I believe she answers your question very well.  I've pasted it below.  (But still, it's difficult to really understand why the sociopathic mind does what it does.)


>From Cynthia McKinney:  An Unwelcome Katrina Redux

President Obama's response to the tragedy in Haiti has been robust in military deployment and puny in what the Haitians need most:  food; first responders and their specialized equipment; doctors and medical facilities and equipment; and engineers, heavy equipment, and heavy movers.  Sadly, President Obama is dispatching Presidents Bush and Clinton, and thousands of Marines and U.S. soldiers.  By contrast, Cuba has over 400 doctors on the ground and is sending in more; Cubans, Argentinians, Icelanders, Nicaraguans, Venezuelans, and many others are already on the ground working--saving lives and treating the injured.  Senegal has offered land to Haitians willing to relocate to Africa.

The United States, on the day after the tragedy struck, confirmed that an entire Marine Expeditionary Force was being considered "to help restore order," when the "disorder" had been caused by an earthquake striking Haiti; not since 1751, 1770, 1842, 1860, and 1887 had Haiti experienced an earthquake.  But, I remember the bogus reports of chaos and violence the led to the deployment of military assets, including Blackwater, in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  One Katrina survivor noted that the people needed food and shelter and the U.S. government sent men with guns.  Much to my disquiet, it seems, here we go again.  From the very beginning, U.S. assistance to Haiti has looked to me more like an invasion than a humanitarian relief operation.

On Day Two of the tragedy, a C-130 plane with a military assessment team landed in Haiti, with the rest of the team expected to land soon thereafter.  The stated purpose of this team was to determine what military resources were needed.

An Air Force special operations team was also expected to land to provide air traffic control.  Now, the reports are that the U.S. is not allowing assistance in, shades of Hurricane Katrina, all over again. 

On President Obama's orders military aircraft "flew over the island, mapping the destruction."  So, the first U.S. contribution to the humanitarian relief needed in Haiti were reconnaissance drones whose staffing are more accustomed to looking for hidden weapon sites and surface-to-air missile batteries than wrecked infrastructure.  The scope of the U.S. response soon became clear:  aircraft carrer, Marine transport ship, four C-140 airlifts, and evacuations to Guantanamo.  By the end of Day Two, according to the Washington Post report, the United States had evacuated to Guantanamo Bay about eight [8] severely injured patients, in addition to U.S. Embassy staffers, who had been "designated as priorities by the U.S. Ambassador and his staff."

On Day Three we learned that other U.S. ships, including destroyers, were moving toward Haiti.  Interestingly, the Washington Post reported that the standing task force that coordinates the U.S. response to mass migration events from Cuba or Haiti was monitoring events, but had not yet ramped up its operations.  That tidbit was interesting in and of itself, that those two countries are attended to by a standing task force, but the treatment of their nationals is vastly different, with Cubans being awarded immediate acceptance from the U.S. government, and by contrast, internment for Haitian nationals. 

U.S. Coast Guard Rear Admiral James Watson IV reassured Americans, "Our focus right now is to prevent that, and we are going to work with the Defense Department, the State Department, FEMA and all the agencies of the federal government to minimize the risk of Haitians who want to flee their country," Watson said.  "We want to provide them those releif supplies so they can live in Haiti." 

By the end of Day Four, the U.S. reportedly had evacuated over 800 U.S. nationals.

For those of us who have been following events in Haiti before the tragic earthquake, it is worth noting that several items have caused deep concern:

1.  the continued exile of Haiti's democratically-elected and well-loved, yet twice-removed former priest, President Jean-Bertrand Aristide;

2.  the unexplained continued occupation of the country by United Nations troops who have killed innocent Haitians and are hardly there for "security" (I've personally seen them on the roads that only lead to Haiti's sparsely-populated areas teeming with beautiful beaches);

3.  U.S. construction of its fifth-largest embassy in the world in Port-au-Prince, Haiti;

4.  mining and port licenses and contracts, including the privatization of Haiti's deep water ports, because certain off-shore oil and transshipment arrangements would not be possible inside the U.S. for environmental and other considerations; and

5.  Extensive foreign NGO presence in Haiti that could be rendered unnecessary if, instead, appropriate U.S. and other government policy allowed the Haitian people some modicum of political and economic self-determination.

Therefore, we note here the writings of Ms. Marguerite Laurent, whom I met in her capacity as attorney for ousted President of Haiti Jean-Bertrand Aristide.  Ms. Laurent reminds us of Haiti's offshore oil and other mineral riches and recent revivial of an old idea to use Haiti and an oil refinery to be built there as a  transshipment terminal for U.S. supertankers.  Ms. Laurent, also known as Ezili Danto of the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (HLLN), writes:

"There is evidence that the United States found oil in Haiti decades ago and due to the geopolitical circumstances and big business interests of that era made the decision to keep Haitian oil in reserve for when Middle Eastern oil had dried up. This is detailed by Dr. Georges Michel in an article dated March 27, 2004 outlining the history of oil explorations and oil reserves in Haiti and in the research of Dr. Ginette and Daniel Mathurin.

"There is also good evidence that these very same big US oil companies and their inter-related monopolies of engineering and defense contractors made plans, decades ago, to use Haiti's deep water ports either for oil refineries or to develop oil tank farm sites or depots where crude oil could be stored and later transferred to small tankers to serve U.S. and Caribbean ports. This is detailed in a paper about the Dunn Plantation at Fort Liberte in Haiti.

"Ezili's HLLN underlines these two papers on Haiti's oil resources and the works of Dr. Ginette and Daniel Mathurin in order to provide a view one will not find in the mainstream media nor anywhere else as to the economic and strategic reasons the US has constructed its fifth largest embassy in the world - fifth only besides the US embassy in China, Iraq, Iran and Germany - in tiny Haiti, post the 2004 Haiti Bush regime change."

Unfortunately, before the tragedy struck, and despite pleading to the Administration by Haiti activists inside the United States, President Obama failed to stop the deportation of Haitians inside the United States and failed to grant TPS, temporary protected status, to Haitians inside the U.S. in peril of being deported due to visa expirations.  That was corrected on Day Three of Haiti's earthquake tragedy with the January 15, 2010 announcement that Haiti would join Honduras, Nicaragua, Somalia, El Salvador, and Sudan as a country granted TPS by the Secretary of Homeland Security.

President Obama's appointment of President Bush to the Haiti relief effort is a swift left jab to the face, in my opinion.  After President Bush's performance in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the fact that still today, Hurricane Katrina survivors who want to return still have not been provided a way back home, the appointment might augur well for fundraising activities, but I doubt that it bodes well for the Haitian people.  Afterall, the coup against and the kidnapping of President Aristide occurred under the watch of a Bush Presidency.

Finally, those with an appreciation of French literature know that among France's most beloved authors are Alexandre Dumas, son of a Haitian slave, and Victor Hugo who wrote:  "Haiti est une lumiere."  [Haiti is a light.]  Indeed, Haiti for millions is a light:  light into the methodology and evil of slavery; light into a successful slave rebellion, light into nationhood and notions of liberty, the rights of man, and of human dignity.  Haiti is a light.  And an example that makes the enemies of black liberation tremble.  It is precisely because of Haiti's light into the evil genius of some individuals who wield power over others and man's ability, through unity and purpose, to overcome that evil, that some segments of the world have been at war with Haiti ever since 1804, the year of Haiti's creation as a Republic.

I'm not surprised at "Reverend" Pat Robertson's racist vitriol.  Robertson's comments mirror, exactly, statements made by Napoleon's Cabinet when the Haitians defeated them.  But in 2010, Robertson's statements reveal much more:  Haitians are not the only ones who know their importance to the struggle against hatred, imperialism, and European domination.

This pesky, persistent, stubbornly non-Western, proudly African people of this piece of land that we call Haiti know their history and they know that they militarily defeated the ruling world empire of the day, Napoleon's France, and the global elite at that time who supported him.  They know that they defeated the armies of England and Spain. 

Haitians know that they used their status as a free state to help liberate Latin Americans from Spain, by funding and fighting alongside Simon Bolivar; their example inspired their still-enslaved African brothers and sisters on the American mainland; and before Haitians were even free, they fought against the British inside the U.S. during its war of independence and won a decisive battle in Savannah, Georgia, where I have visited the statue commemorating that victory.

Haitians know that France imposed reparations on them for being free, and Haiti paid them in full, but that President Aristide called for France to give that money back ($21 billion in 2003 dollars). 

Haitians know that their "brother," then-Secretary of State Colin Powell lied to the world upon the kidnapping and second ouster of their President.  (Sadly, it wouldn't be the last time that Secretary of State Colin Powell would lie to the world.)  Haitians know, all-too-well, that high-ranking blacks in the United States are capable of helping them and of betraying them.

Haitians know, too, that the United States has installed its political proxies and even its own soldiers onto Haitian soil when the U.S. felt it was necessary.  All in an effort to control the indomitable Haitian spirit that directs much-needed light to the rest of the oppressed world.

While the tears of the people of Haiti swell in my own eyes, and I remember their tremendous capacity for love, my broken heart and wet eyes don't dampen my ability to understand the grave danger that now faces my friends in Haiti.

I shudder to think that the "rollback" policies believed in by some foreign policy advisors to President Obama could use a prolonged U.S. military presence in Haiti as a springboard for rollback of areas in Latin America that have liberated themselves from U.S. neo-colonial domination.  I would hate to think that this would even be attempted under the Presidency of Barack Obama.  All of us must have our eyes wide open on Haiti and other parts of the world now dripping in blood as a result of the relentless onward march of the U.S. military machine.

So, on this remembrance of the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I note that it was the U.S. government's own illegal Operation Lantern Spike that snuffed out the promise and light of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Every plane of humanitarian assistance that is turned away by the U.S. military (so far from CARICOM, the Caribbean Community, Médecins Sans Frontieres, Brazil, France, Italy, and even the U.S. Red Cross)--as was done in the wake of Hurricane Katrina--and the expected arrival on this very day of up to 10,000 U.S. troops, are lasting reminders of the existential threat that now looms over the valiant, proud people and the Republic of Haiti.


Silence is the deadliest weapon of mass destruction.



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Hi Bob,

Wow, that definitely answers my question. I'll try to get on Cynthia's e-mail list. Thanks for the excellent information.


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I hope you will not lose heart and hope in a better future. There's a huge amount of incredibly negative information in this thread. I struggle every day with the frightening things we all learn about thru arriving at this community portal. The last couple of times I sent evidence of evils like this to Fred, he thanked me but cautioned about becoming...hopeless. I hope you are trying to keep your heart from getting too heavy with this stuff.

 Your friend,


P.S. We have learned about many terrible things that have been confirmed-but remember to be skeptical. example: There's no direct evidence (I'm aware of) that HAARP could produce earthquakes. My electronics & radio background is not at the academic level-but I find this extremely unlikely. {It could even be disinformation created to scare an enemy-some research is done with this as it's only goal. Did you know our military broadcast static at the Russians for years? They went crazy trying to decifer this new secret cypher technology}. HAARP's effecting a layer of the atmosphere that interacts with radio waves(Ionosphere) is amazing but is documented. Weather? Maybe. But trillions upon trillions of tons of earths crust? It would be like levitating the Empire State Building with a cell phone.  Watch-I'll probably eat these words some day-right?!



For all the arguing concerning the Earthquake around Hispanola... The ONLY true RESPONSE is that of COMPASSION.  Bickering and Postulating End Times and EVIL DOERS conjectures does nothing to truly address the issues at hand.  The only RESPONSE is that of Compassion and LOVE.  Ho'oponopono is something to consider.


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So what's the alternative to being scared and negative about what's real (and that's always a question -- what's real?)  Is it burying one's head in the rosy sand of fantasies or other opiates?  Well, that's one, but there is another.  It's a hard one to try to be realistic about what's happening and still be positive, but that's where we need to bring ourselves, in my opinion -- because it is true, as ffg says above, that compassion and love are the answer, ultimately.  They are our protection, and our path.  They will transform fear and negativity.  But how?  Well, if we're afraid of something, we don't have to turn our back on it (that's a matter of choice); we can choose to look at it all head-on, with hearts open (oh, how difficult it is!).  Then there's a chance of that fear being transformed into love, light, and inner spaciousness; then love and compassion become real.  Otherwise, I don't think there's a chance of this happening.   This is kind of the bottom line for me.  -- There's one caveat I'd put in here, though: we each need to be realistic about how much "scary stuff" we can expose ourselves to at any one time.  And I don't think it needs to be our goal to expose ourselves to as much as possible.  What we already know is enough, emotionally.  However, if new threats turn up I, personally, would like to know about them.  I want to know the terrain.  Again, it's a matter of choice.

To expand a bit:  There's a lot of scary, nasty stuff going on, and to be marinated only in that is dangerous.  There are typically many sensational end-of-the-world spins on information that may well be accurate in itself (like Jesse Ventura's presentation in Wendy's link 3 posts back), which, if looked at with some objectivity (i.e., without automatically being take in by them) and from a different internal vantage point, wouldn't be so scary.  Take HAARP.  I do believe that it can cause earthquakes and could even destroy the earth (see the info. I've pasted below for the science, if you wish).  Is it going to happen?  The chances are slim.  Why do I say that?  Well, I can't prove anything, but my deepest sense is that we are protected by friends in high places (spiritually and extra-terrestrially) as we've been told by a number of sources (I especially trust Stephen Greer, but I tend to I tend to avoid channelled information because so much can interfere with its accuracy; I don't entirely trust it).  Can we believe that "good news"?   Well, it's again a matter of intuition and choice.  I do believe it.  I'd bet my life on it, in fact.  (But help isn't just "from above"; I think we must do our utmost to prevent such disasters -- that's our necessary part in it.)  

Anyhow how we assimilate what might or might not be interpreted as "scary stuff" is a matter of one's own psychologal makeup and outlook.  It's an intuitive thing.  I believe (that is, it seems obvious to me) that this experiment in human life on Earth is a huge, long-term evolutionary project conducted over aeons with great care and oversight, and one generation of clueless beserk children running amok with dangerous technologies in their hands is not going to be allowed to destroy it.  So, I am not afraid.  I hope you can come to an un-fearful place, too.  Ultimately we are spiritual beings, so even in the unlikely event that the Earth is desroyed, what have we to fear, ultimately?  (But we need to really get that we are spiritual beings, not just mouth the words.  Talk is just talk.)  After all, the Earth experience will end for us all individually anyway.  So what's the big fuss?  We're all in this play together.  It's only a play.  We'll do the best we can as actors, but we don't need to be taken in by it.   Please pass the popcorn.


Sorry, the link to the HAARP information wouldn't copy, but if you want some fairly aurhoritative information about this technology, what it is, and what it can do, search YouTube for the videos of "Angels Don't Play this HAARP" and "Angels Still Don't Play This HAARP".  It's better to listen to rational discourse about the subject than sensational presentations.


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Barbara, in a rare interview with ConsciousMediaNetwork, addresses some of this "scary stuff" very well, placing in the context of pre-incarnate agreements made with ourselves and others concerning catalyst events designed to activate changes in our DNA lying dormant prior to those events.

Interview with Barbara Marciniak on the Pleiadians

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Thank you Brian and ffg for reminding me to keep up hope. I am also grateful to Bob for the information I needed to make sense of this. It is very important to me to unveil evil as it was hidden from me in my own family growing up. I don't wish to spread fear but I do feel it is an important duty to unearth all lies and evil that are hidden. I am sorry if this sounds like fear mongering, I didn't mean for it to be taken that way. Perhaps you have viewed this as bringing darkness to the light, but I see it as bringing light to the darkness.


I have come accross a fair amount of circumstantial evidence that HAARP could cause earthquakes.

In this youtube video Benjamin Fulford says Japan was extorted into having a FED-like central bank with the  threat of earthquakes. And when the Japanese ministers disclosed that secret to him they were retaliated against with two earthquakes under a nuclear reactor. This suggests that earthquakes can be created by man. We speculate that it is HAARP that is doing it. At the end of that video, a guy, making an analogy with piano strings, says what he could do with 30 watts and then notes that HAARP is 1000000000 watts. That is somewhat convincing.

I remember Catherine Austin Fitts on Coast-to-Coast told a story where she couldn't find a reason why her Indonesian fund had dropped 30% and then a few days later they had the earthquake that caused the big sunami. She speculated that somebody new something was going to happen before-hand.

In my oppinion, raising awareness of this possibility might make them more leary of doing it in the future and we then can prevent more deaths. If they don't think we are on to it, they might do it more often. Ideally public awareness and pressure might be able to get them to stop. (hopefully thinking).

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Hi All,

          I have no idea what to think, but I know this much even if it is HAARP, we say its and we are nuts and conspiracy theorists...and the larger public is conditioned to, not listen.. to us...or their own intuition.

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Hi Carol Anne-

I think your message about conspiracy theories is unfair given that this entire website is filled with information that does not have solid evidence to back it up. Surely, messages from the Plieadians would make the general public call us nuts, however, I happen to be enjoying these messages and I'm always greatful to get information from whatever source. Besides, the colors in the sky during the China quake are very good circumstancial evidence that haarp was used there (I had already seen the Benjamin Fulford video when I first posted this). Time will tell if someone with a camera got pictures of colors in the sky during the Haiti quake.


As with any wound that is full of puss and festering... the Puss must come out and the wound must be irrigated in order for Healing to occur.  It is us, the Human Beings that assign a polarity to these Natural Disasters.  

The only appropriate response is COMPASSION and LOVE.  This is the only ENERGY CONFIGURATION that will HEAL and TRANSMUTE these PATTERNS of MISCREATION.

WE, as a COLLECTIVE of HUMANITY, CREATE all that WE SEE.  As Ghandi said:  BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE.  If it is FEAR you WISH to SEE and this is YOUR FOCUS YOU WILL SEE FEAR.  IF it is LOVE you WISH to SEE and this is YOUR FOCUS, YOU will SEE LOVE. 


I wish you well as you plumb the depths of FEAR and CONSPIRACY.  I choose to TRANSUMUTE these miscreated patterns.




As with any wound that is full of puss and festering... the Puss must come out and the wound must be irrigated in order for Healing to occur.  It is us, the Human Beings that assign a polarity to these Natural Disasters.  

The only appropriate response is COMPASSION and LOVE.  This is the only ENERGY CONFIGURATION that will HEAL and TRANSMUTE these PATTERNS of MISCREATION.

WE, as a COLLECTIVE of HUMANITY, CREATE all that WE SEE.  As Ghandi said:  BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE.  If it is FEAR you WISH to SEE and this is YOUR FOCUS YOU WILL SEE FEAR.  IF it is LOVE you WISH to SEE and this is YOUR FOCUS, YOU will SEE LOVE. 

I wish you well as you plumb the depths of FEAR and CONSPIRACY.  I choose to TRANSUMUTE these miscreated patterns.


Thank you, Chris!  Agreed!


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Thought you would like that Elizabeth.  She really resonates with me in such a familiar common sense fashion, and affirms so many other good sources that speak of the same thing, personal and public events becoming catalyst for DNA transformation.  It rings so true intuitively inside me.  I can remember times in my childhood when I got the crap scared out of me, and somehow I felt a bit cleared and transformed afterwards.

And Carol Anne, I really do get what you are getting at.  I spent so much time beating my head against the wall trying to get people to listen, but they had been so well trained to see "conspiracy theory" in anything said that was not verified and established on CNN or Faux News.  I had to start asking myself what my motive was/is for trying to tell people about things I had learned.  First, it was that same old thing of being so excited about new information that I just had to tell someone.  After that settled down a bit, it became somewhat egotistical for me, to share information with someone to show them how much I knew, and how much they were ignorant of.

Now I just want to find ways to inspire people to start searching within themselves, as they and we and me are all sovereign and divine, already possessing true knowledge that must be re-membered and re-cognized by each of us as we journey through 3D fantasy land here on beautiful Gaia.  For some, the perfect catalyst will be to tell them about 9-11 or HAARP.  For others, it will be to tell them something that makes them realized how much they are Loved and how much they ARE that Love and Light they seek, that they thought was somehow outside themselves.

Intuition will play a big part going forward, but one thing is for sure.  If we do not re-cognize the Divine and Sovereign integral in each of those we meet and greet, than what we say to them is most likely going to be condescending pontification for our own personal gratification, which will not do much for our own personal discovery of the Divine within ourselves.

I have done much research on HAARP and Russia's more advanced Torsion Physics type technology similar to HAARP, and am thoroughly convinced of what this technology is capable of, and am convinced that the earthquake in China was a result of directed ELF standing waves.  One of the best books on the subject is by Dr. Rosalie Bertell, one of the Grey Nuns organization.  She wrote a book called Planet Earth, The Latest Weapon of War in which she describes how this technology is used in conjunction with the very energetic ionosphere and the planet, and the 7 vapor rivers in our weather-creating atmosphere.  And there is also Dr. Nick Begich who has lived very near Alaska's HAARP antenna array for many years, keeping tabs on what they are doing...

But would I choose to tell each person I meet and greet about this technology and what it is being used for?  This gets into considerate discernment and intuition based in Love and on my growing ability to see them as equal, as Divine and unique elements of First Source, of Prime Creator, of this One thing that we all are together.  If I do not start there, then I am as temporarily lost as I presume "them" to be, if not more...  This is has become my realization anyway...

Holding you all in the Love and Light of the One that we all are, as One, Namaste....  Chris

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Oh, and Wendy, globalresearch.ca is one of my early on favorite websites for the excellent and very credible info that is gathered there.  It was where I found Michel Chossudovsky and his 2003 lecture at McMasters University that thoroughly blew me away.  He is so dead center right on the mark concerning how things work, much like John Perkins is from personal experience with the CIA...

You must know that Carol Anne was not discrediting the info on HAARP, but was talking about how many people would react to the information after being so hypnotized by so much propaganda masquerading as legitimate news.  I can still remember my breakthrough period of time.  It was like pulling teeth, or giving birth.  I was so sure that people in our government could not be that nefarious, to cause or allow something like 9-11 to happen.  I argued with my friend about it for months before finally investigating the subject myself, and it was building seven that really did it for me.  So the subject of 9-11 was my perfect catalyst for getting my head and heart down inside the rabbit hole, AND I CONSIDERED MYSELF A LIBERAL!!!!  How much more difficult it would be for professed conservatives to take a sober look at what is really going on.

If it was that difficult for me to wake up from my hypnotized state, I cannot even imagine how difficult it would be for those who still believe in the same old god and country nonsense they have been fed since childhood, and are still contently and happily feeding on.  What wakes each person up and when is more a function of what is happening inside of them, and HAARP or 9-11 is not always going to be what does it for them.  As those who have begun to wake up from the dream, we are going to have to become more and more creative and discerning about sharing, what to share at the time, and what not to share for now....  I am pretty sure that that is what Carol Anne was kind of getting at to some degree....

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Hi Chris-

Yes, I understand how most people would react to this dark information (and I reacted exactly like you to 9/11) but I thought we were all already familiar with the major conspiracy theories from taking the transformation course. I thought that this was one of the few safe places where this information could be talked about. I thought this forum was meant to be for it's members, not the general public.  Are we all to self sensor so as not to disturb the general public? People can not make informed decisions when information is withheld from them. If they choose not to look, or look away, or think we are nuts that's fine, it's their decision but if they don't know information because it is purposely being withheld from them, then they are being dis-empowered. I am so sorry that this post is creating strife but I feel as if I'm being asked not to talk about certain subjects.


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There is no censorship.  All that (and I hope that Carol Anne will verify) Carol Anne was saying, at least what I got from it, was that there is that very good chance that many people we talk to in our regular day to day life (not here on the portal) would very likely fall into that hypnotized trap and knee jerk reaction of calling it "conspiracy theory".

As for the vast majority of us here on the G-Spot portal, we are so well informed on the subject that it is something most have sort of moved on from in a way.  But not in the way you may think.  Many of us are beginning to see that to keep entering the same old paradigm battle actually feeds the paradigm we wish to change.

Some are bound to see this as running from the fight, or sticking one's head in the sand, but I do not see it this way.  I put much time into researching the subject of this discussion, attempting to share with others to get them to wake up to the truth of our circumstance, and almost made myself sick in the process.  I have come to a much different understanding now concerning how to approach the matter of changing the current paradigm.

In fact, I believe that it is a very natural process, somewhat mathematical at its core, and is happening as we speak.  We can show up for this big cosmic dance, and dance with joy at the change we see happening, or we can drown ourselves in our own brand of delusion concerning fear and futility.  I no longer see the Universe as something that can be attacked, as if we needed to be outside with signs saying the end is near if you don't wake up NOW!

We each have a very intimate course of self discovery, really Self rediscovery.  It is not our job to shove the truth down anyone's throat, for all come to their own personal journey in their own time, and the cosmos that facilitates all of this makes room for everyone's unique approach to the journey, including those in the Illuminati and Incunabula, and the 300 very wealthy families overseeing the current ruling class profit oriented slave mentality paradigm.

In any case, you are kind of in between a rock and a hard spot with some subjects because you are at a place that has been over these subjects ad nauseum, very informed on the subject, in many cases, more informed than you are.  And then there is the world out there that just seems to not want to hear about it for other reasons, primarily because they believe in the current paradigm and do not want their lives to change.

Those here on the G-Spot do want things to change, but many of us have evolved concerning our ideas of how best to bring about that change.  All things that need to change are first brought to the Light, exposed and then disregarded as no longer worth consideration.  We are in this together and need to be patient with each other's contributing methods.  Carol Anne was making a very simple point about the condition of most peoples trained understanding in society today.

And if she or anyone else were actually attempting to debunk what the HAARP facilities and the Russian facilities are capable of, I would just tell them they need to do their research.  The core fundamentals of using a billion watts of power to broadcast pulses of energy against the ionosphere to create extra low frequencies that harmonize with the earth's crust to "encourage" an earthquake when directed at certain areas/fault lines is relatively simple, and the low frequencies do go deep into the earth's crust very easily.  In fact, they have used this technology for some time to locate oil reserves, but you won't find oil companies broadcasting that info...

Don't take it too personally Wendy.  It will drive you nuts if you do - at least it did me when I did it or do it....  The real journey of discovery is not out there, but in here.  In a very real way there is actually nothing on the outside of you, much like when you go to the movies and are very moved by the drama and sensationalism, but finally realize it was just a movie.  Nothing is this cosmological construct can be broken.  Nothing Real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists..... Chris

Hey Wendy,

The big catch cry with this site is to do what feels right for you!.....what is "dangerous" to one may be "healing" to another.....we ARE ALL DIFFERENT!

You are totally correct to defend yourself but on this site your not supposed to need to defend yourself..or justify yourself....?...you have absolutely no need to appologize while there may be other comments in this post that should.....

Much love,


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Hi all,

I think we should remember that we are "Shambhala warriors".  Any "Light worker" IS a Shambhala warrior, whether they know it or not, and as such, talking about the "threat" should not stir the emotion of fear in our consciousness.  IF IT DOES, that is a different and separate problem, that we can work on in our mental makeup.  Can we imagine Jesus being afraid when he stood before the devil (the symbol of all that is evil and threatening)?  I don't think so.  He must have been supremely confident on the workings of the Universe from which he was operating.

Rimpoche says in the article below:

"There comes a time when all life on earth is in danger. Barbarian powers have arisen. Although they waste their wealth in preparation to annihilate each other, they have much in common: weapons of unfathomable devastation and technologies that lay waste the world. It is now, when the future of all beings hangs by the frailest of threads, that the kingdom of Shambhala emerges. "You cannot go there, for it is not a place. It exists in the hearts and minds of the Shambhala warriors. But you cannot recognize a Shambhala warrior by sight, for there is no uniform or insignia, there are no banners. And there are no barricades from which to threaten the enemy, for the Shambhala warriors have no land of their own. Always they move on the terrain of the barbarians themselves. Now comes the time when great courage is required of the Shambhala warriors, moral and physical courage. For they must go into the very heart of the barbarian power and dismantle the weapons."

Later on he mentions that we have two weapons to use, and ONLY two, and that is what he said "weapons", and these are:  Compassion and Insight.

Compassion is what moves us to treat and heal the wound. 

Insight is what would lead us to find out how that person got wounded, so that the threat can be removed or blunted.

One without the other would not be sufficient to improve the situation.





ChrisBowers's picture

And excellent quote from Rinpoche, very close to what I was attempting to convey.  And look at it this way Wendy, your forum post has 20 replies!  So many forum posts these days end up dying on the vine, LOL

I am quite assured by the visions that I recieved before the Earth Quake in Haiti and in China that these Earth Quakes are created with some intervention.  Now, what I am not sure of is this... is this intervention for the Good and Integrity of the Earth/Gaia/Terra herself and even more so... are these diverted Earth Quakes in an attempt to save Human/Animal/Flora life on the surface and to Save the Agarthians that live below the surface?  What is the Unseen that is the part of this experience that we are not aware of?  What is invisible that will assist us all in having greater understanding?

Compassion is the only response that will Quicken this Healing Process for the Earth/Gaia/Terra.  Compassion motivates a response of Loving Concern.  How can I help the Earth... What Seeds of Change Do I have within me to assist in this process.

We create the Future by our Thoughts/Emotions Now. 



I apologize for stepping on anyone's toes.  I wish you all well.


ChrisBowers's picture

And I don't think your enthusiasm would be confused with stepping on toes, but ya never know, LOL...

For anyone curious about the subject of Agartha, here is a good link


oh, and some more good quotes from Rinpoche

Quotes by Sogyal Rinpoche

All the Chaneled material including my own communications with the Emissaries of the Light, Sirians--- This Earth is literally being held together with Celestial Duct tape and Baling Twine... The communication I recieved was that this was an attempt to save lives on all levels including the In-Earth Dwellers (which would mean the Agarthians)  The Archangels and Sirians as well as other Galactic Federation Friends in the SKy are here to assist Mother Earth/Gaia in Birthing TERRA our new Home that we will all switch to soon.  This is a very very delicate time for all of us. 

Further, the crisis in Haiti has created a Compassion Vortex.  This is rapidly Healing the Earth/Gaia here and raising up all of vibrational frequencies another notch by our OPENING to COMPASSION and thus LOVE.  The more we Intend/Pray/Envision/Focus on LIGHT and ASK the Angels/GOD  to intervene on our collective behalf for the EARTH/Gaia and all her inhabitants the more the Help is given to us.  We are near Critical Mass for this right now.  The Seeds of Change are beginning to sprout and grow!



ChrisBowers's picture

Thank you, Chris.  Those are terrific links with very accurate information!  Yes!


Bob07's picture

Wow, Wendy, judging from the number of replies and the energy evoked, this has to be one of the most successful forums ever -- also because apparently no one has been offended enough to quit the group.  Stir up the pot -- yesss!

Indeed, taking off from what Jez said, we're all different and will inevitably bring forth different concerns from different angles and levels of perception.  That's as it should be.  And I know by watching myself and my own convictions and enthusiasm about what I see and believe I know, that I sometimes feel impatience toward others who maybe haven't quite "seen the light."  And sometimes it seems that I've been proven right, and sometimes (oh low blow to little self) I've been absolutely wrong, and they were right.  Even when I'm "right", if I try to set someone else on the "right path", I'm wrong.  So, when we're reading others' posts, we might find ourselves responding reflexively (as we're somehow trained to do on the Internet), without exercising any restraint or reflection -- rather than pause and then speak.  I do this all too often myself.  Ask my wife.  A pause can allow words to come from a deeper place -- or to be appropriately silent. 

Chris, your links to Barbara Marciniak were maybe inspired.  I mentioned that I don't entirely trust channels.  Often they seem downright theatrical and silly.  In fact I confess to having watched some of their videos purely for entertainment.  But somtimes they have the ring of truth.  So, without objectively knowing (whatever that means) whether or not Marciniak is an accurate channel of truth, what she says certainly has the ring of truth -- which surprised me, frankly.  In fact, I find that I intuitively I trust her -- which is rare in my experience.  I watched all 18 segments of her "Bringers of the Dawn" YouTube channelings at one sitting.  Quite amazing (and familiar at the same time) and, above all, practical.  It seemed real. 

So... in harmony with the theme of this thread and in support of Wendy's (and anyone's) need and right to look at certain aspects of this reality, I'll offer this from Marciniak's website:

"From Chapter 6, "Landing of the Light Body," pages 123-124

"All of you are here to look into the dark, because in the dark you will find both the light and the reason the light is returning. You cannot simply go toward the light and say, "Hey, darkness is bad. It is negative. I don't want to see." Be open to what you do not want to see. Keep your heart open, and trust that the pain you may experience needs to be explored so that it can be released after being processed on a memory level. You are at the time when memories are floating to the surface, coming from deep recesses. These memories can bring emotional responses. Whatever you see needs to be looked at. It is you. Accept it and say, "Aha! Based on what I know, and on the preparation of my consciousness, I can look at this and see that it was a misuse of energy. That is all right. I will transmute it. I will turn it into something of joy."

"Do you know how many people are willing to look at the negative and the dark? Not too many. Do you know how many people are living in the dark? Do not run from the shadow of life, for there is much healing to be completed once the pain of the darker side of life is felt, realized, and understood."

And she has also said this:

"From Chapter 11, "The Name of the Game ," Pages 117-118

Thought comes first. Experience is always secondary. It is never the other way around — that you have the experience and then you base the thought around it. Always your experience is a direct reflection of what you are thinking.

"Clarity and recognition of your own power are the bottom line. Your thoughts form your world all of the time. Not cafeteria style — all of the time. Because you are bombarded with so many frequency-control vibrations that attempt to keep you from being clear, you fluctuate. You must, as a species, make it your intention to stay very clear, to stay centered, and always to bring yourself into the moment. Stop living in the future or living in the past, and always live in your now.  Say to yourself, "What do I want? I want to accelerate my personal evolution. I want Spirit to assist me in a greater capacity. I want my body to regenerate itself. I want to emanate health. I am willing to give up difficulty so that I can be a living example of what humanity can be." It is this line of thinking — this commanding from your being and calling out what you want with clarity — that brings you everything in acceleration."

So, since we contain all kinds of opposties, we are surely big enough to contain these "opposites," too -- they're two branches of the same path.  Sometimes we may walk one, other times the other, and maybe it's possible to walk both at once.  Stepping away from any rules and concern for others' opinions, we can experiment freely as sovereign beings -- as renegades (Marciniak's term).  (Related to this:  The older a person gets, the less he/she tends to give a crap about rules and what anyone thinks.  But why wait until then?)

Finally, Bob, thanks so much for the remarks of Rinpoche on the Shambhala Prophecy.  That's one of my favorite pieces of all time.  Every day I ask for the awakening of the Shambhala Warriors (they/we are awakening).

Take care,

Bob B.

ChrisBowers's picture

Channelings.  I am wary right up front with those presuming to be channelers, but some of them have touched me deeply, even to tears, with stuff that just plain resonates in a way that I would have a hard time trying to explain.  This has led me to trust experience now much more than logic and rationalization, although my favorite channelers all seem to be practical instead of flakes, LOL

As for the dark side to be explored, I would imagine that the real work is internal instead of external, and that we sure get caught up in sensationalism much more than we get down to the internal work and hand and journey within where the real dark corners to be outed and cleared exist.

Ayahuasca or DMT anyone???  Want to make quick work of the personal and internal demons we face?  Ohhhh, how I wish we lived in a culture that encouraged this kind of real experiential personal work that has so very little to do with outside stuff we get so caught up in and distracted by.  I wonder how much change we could effect if we truly got to work on the inner experiential journey of revolutionary intimacy and honesty, and then applied that power to the changes for humanity we so wish to bring about???

This has been my own personal question for some time now, ever since hearing Carla Rueckert (of the Law of One sessions) say, if what you are focused on does not mean anything in 10,000 years, than it is meaningless right now.  That was a real eye-opener line for me....

I really love that we are discussing this, as happens with some forums, starts off intending to discuss one thing and ends up discussing something else...  I agree with you about Barbara, very practical and down to earth for a channel.  I love that line of hers you quoted,

"It is this line of thinking — this commanding from your Being and calling out what you want with clarity — that brings you everything in acceleration."

Bob07's picture

that we can get caught up in dark aspects of the outside world to the detriment of inner exploration and real spiritual development.  That's a fact.  I'll just mention, however, that (as we know) the outer stuff is a reflection of our collective inner stuff, and that the barrier between inner and outer really must come down sooner or later, as it is illusory.  And so I read Marciniak's paragraph about looking into the dark as not making a real distinction between inner and outer.  I notice that whenever I expose myself to outer dark stuff, inner dark stuff comes up to meet it -- if I'm attentive.  That's why I mentioned the possibility of walking the (seemingly) two branches of the same path at the same time.  ...But there are different ways to walk the path, so I make no judgments. 

And yes, I, too, liked that line of hers that you just quoted.  What I do now is ask, not command as she suggests.  But I will play these two ways of calling forth a new reality.

ChrisBowers's picture

Wonderfully said!!!  There is so much good stuff to soak in the way you integrated that.  Thank you Bob, and a very appreciative Namaste...

ChrisBowers's picture

Hi Bob, after digesting what you said, it made me think of "As above, so below", and what we perceive happening on what we think is outside of us is a reflection, individual and collective, of what is happening on the inside.  This sure seems to lead one back toward the within for solutions and answers.  It also made me think of Peter Russell's Primacy of Consciousness lecture...

The Primacy of Consciousness - Peter Russell

Thanks again for making me think about this very interesting subject, for I truly feel that understanding this will be very key to how we progress, how we ultimately conquer what we have thought was outside of us, but is essentially and fundamentally within, and so that is where the real work would be done for real lasting change versus continuing to bang our frustrated heads against the imaginary wall of the matrix, so to speak...

Bob07's picture

From my impressions and feelings:

While we all have a right to respond to any post however we wish (barring outright abuse), it would be enormously helpful if we'd just pause and consider before we type -- consider where the person is coming from who has made the post, what their concerns might be, where they might be in the process of assimilating all the "bad stuff" in the world and then becoming a vehicle for change, and what reponse would be helpful for them as well as what would be the best we could bring from ourselves.  If we're bothered by what is brought for any reason, we can either talk about it or click on another forum.  If we feel that we've moved beyond getting involved with the negative stuff in the world, fine.  But remember that it took some space and time for that to happen.  So let's allow someone else the space and time they they need to assimilate it and move on however they will, rather than give them the message that they're doing something wrong.   Some people, like me, haven't moved on in the sense that they choose to use awareness of the scary stuff as part of the inner work.  It's sort of a vajrayana approach: using the world exactly as it is for spiritual practice.  But we're all different.  We're not cut from the pattern.  Our ways are different.  And unless we want to drive people away, we'd do well to consdider what it would help them to hear and how they could best hear it, as well as what we want to say.  Am I stainless in this?  Absolutely not.  I don't claim to be.  These are just my impressions and thoughts.

Take care,

Bob B.

Hey Chris,

Just trippin out a little, could I offer my thoughts...."Thanks again for making me think about this very interesting subject, for I truly feel that understanding this will be very key to how WE progress, how WE ultimately conquer what WE have thought was outside of US, but is essentially and fundamentally within, and so that is where the real work would be done for real lasting change versus continuing to bang OUR frustrated heads against the imaginary wall of the matrix, so to speak..."

Who is the WE and why do you speak for others?...it's potentially victim stuff....you did your part but the "rest" let you down........hehehehehe...yes I am a smart arse but so are you and I know you like to play with another tripper.....so in what you were saying does it mean you can't do "it" unless others do it as well?

I do not worry about everyone else doing "it", (what I believe they should), anymore.....I don't think it is about "us" or "we"....for me it is about ME....while I do observe everything "outside" me, I attempt to use all I have been given.... I also observe everything "within" me......I don't actually care/worry what anyone else is doing.........I am detatched from it these days..it's all just a  learning experience for ME.....for the most part..Lol.....Coyote see Coyote do, so sometimes I play but I never forget about what I am really doing...ie...uniting MY mind and body to find MY "self"....everyone else can do what they think they should.....and this is the way to freedom!

Love is freedom, attachment is bondage....the West see them as the same and they are not.....how many times have I heard..........just let it go...free yourself!

Thanks Bob, 

I have really enjoyed reading your thoughts/perspective. In your latest comment you touch on something that has been an issue from day one at this site and I believe your expression is one of the best I have heard so far....

Thanks mate,



Litha Moon's picture

Hi Everyone,

        Wow I missed the entire debate my two line comment elicited,  Chris, you interpreted my statement exactly as I meant it, I see I made a typo, and can see how that simple mistake would make the meaning open for some interpretation. I returned to comment further on the public perception of the theory that HAARP may be the culprit. Hugo Chavez has now made statements to condemn the U.S. for using HAARP to cause the earthquake. In the article I read, they have called him a nut essentially, by mocking him, which was what I had expected from the mainstream mindset.

  Sorry for the confusion about my statement, I still do not know how this tragedy occured other than we are all creating the reality on our planet. I agree wholeheartedly that we have had such an outpouring of love and compassion that from the darkness of human despair, a wonderful light of love is emerging.




Wendy's picture
Litha Moon's picture

Hi All,

    As energy flows and aide flows, what coordinated the flow of relief to Haiti from Canada, a serial killer..Not even kidding the commander of the largest base in Canada has turned out to be a serial killer.


Much love Carol Anne





Message from Mother GAIA



Through Tiara Kumara on behalf of
Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation
The GAIA Federation of Light





Dear Children of the Sun,

As a planetary race, we stand on the brink of new expansions and potentialities that are so magnificent that it is not even possible for the human mind to fully grasp what is about to unfold. As Children of the Sun, we incarnated this time through as the wings of Spirit to help usher in this magnificence while also knowing that the process would not be without challenge.

I share a recent experience which helped me to more  greatly understand our deepening roles as planetary lightworkers. This sharing is intended to bring further exposure to a vast and oftentimes hushed subject matter that calls forth keener awareness and determined action. Please read with discernment and from compassionate awareness that, together, we CAN shift all rising potential, and prediction.

On the morning of January 13, as reverberation of Haiti's earthquake was being felt and the news stories heard, an immense wave of energy swept through my office. It crashed my computer, deleted all open programs and immediately left me and my partner strangely ill. I was very perplexed about this occurrence which left a unsettled feeling that something just wasn't right.

I went deep into meditation to receive much needed clarity. I found myself journeying into the heart pulse of Mother GAIA. It was so intense that my body convulsed for a time prior to receiving her tender message.

She impressed very simply, that "Haiti" was not of her doing and that she would never do this, in this way, to her children. She went on to say that this occurrence was not of the Divine Plan, that our transition and accompanying earth changes are meant to happen in as much ease and grace as possible. She shared that what happened in Haiti was triggered by "man-made" causes and more outplay of this type are in great potential.

As this meditative journey continued, several vivid scenes flashed before me of rising potentials which all carried varying outcomes. I will do my best to capsulate this meaningful message and as this pertains to lightworker roles in these times of both revelation and great unpredictability.

2012 False Messaging

There seems to be determined contingencies of opposition upon this sacred Earth who are deliberately causing fear and confusion among the human race, especially capitalizing upon the prophecy of 2012. They work with the same principles and Universal Laws as we do and know very well that human thoughts create material plane reality.

Their main agenda is to interfere with the natural unfolding of our evolutionary plan by creating chaos and same scenario outplays as in previous cataclysmic cycles. These energies especially try to weaken the mind, the emotions and the physical body by targeting the human senses through subtle and unseen intoxication of what we see, feel, breathe, hear, taste, dream and imagine. If there is any imbalance, impurity or other vulnerability in ourselves, or, those with whom we have personal relationship, they have an open door from which to penetrate.
There are more of us reporting increased activity in this regard. There are more dreams in this regard. There are more predictions about worldwide cataclysm along with a plethora of 2012 survival strategies, doom and gloom scenarios, media hype and other false schemes. These opposing energies take advantage of the human's attachment to drama and especially the belief in the illusion of death. Their purpose is to sway mass consciousness to remain on the side of fear knowing that what is projected from this emotion will manifest if enough energy is behind the thought propulsion.

The Light of God never Fails

Through the choices that humanity has already made on much greater levels, we have come too far for the darkness to prevent our ascension into light. This does not mean, however, that the Divine Plan cannot be compromised. We are inspired to more boldly take our own evolution in hand and acquire the power, as a unified whole, to shift all obstacles and even prophecies that have been seeded in our consciousness.

These rising potentials, no matter the size, must be immediately addressed from expanded group awareness and focused illumined light activity. Clear vision, compassionate love and a stronger unified voice from all of us...all races, religions, cultures and tribes... is absolutely essential. GAIA summons all of us to help spread her message wide and far.

Legions of light from many realms and dimensions are behind the scenes working diligently on every facet of the Divine Plan for Earth to insure that all remains in coherence to Divine Will and Divine Purpose. Dhwal Kul, one of the many Ascended Masters with us, has recently reminded me that a great wave of energy will soon come to wash over the entire planetary body, instantaneously filling us all with unprecedented levels of illumined heart wisdom.

The Masters are also constantly impressing that we, as a collective and highly activated group, now have the ability to shift all rising potential, even to the level of affecting the electron spin. "Ye are Gods" are the words and the message constantly being sounded. Greater prayer and invocation, more streamlined focuses of light, externalization of our truths  and deeper coherence in our group unification draws in the channeled and much needed streams of light, love and transmutation to more greatly clear and energize our sacred planet.
As Children of the Sun, our mission is to hold the balance of light for our ascending planet while helping people to stay focused in the vibration of the heart. We must never forget that we are focusing with and ascending on Mother GAIA, in whose body we are a corporate biological whole. We are her children and she loves and cares for us deeply.

"In the final outcome, it is GAIA herself, great Celestial Being, who rules your world - you must never lose sight of the greater reality. Cosmic Goddess, she is a unit of celestial consciousness, and she ultimately determines the outcome of all the life she bears. If there is homage to be paid, then pay it to the great Planet Earth. Breathe in her wisdom, gaze upon her majesty and feel the heartbeat of the Mother pulsing through your souls. She will respond to that love and help calm the fury."

Patricia Cory from the book, No More Secrets, No More Lies




In closing, we are here as one Group Avatar to help raise this sacred celestial body and its humanity. May we align more deeply with the heart pulse of Mother GAIA. May we open the gates of our minds to the winds of Heaven and meet with fearless calm, clear vision and determined action the changes and challenges before us.

Blessings of love upon us all,

Tiara Kumara
Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation
The GAIA Federation of Light








Planetary Service with Children of the Sun



GAIA Federation of Light
This is a lightworker Council which serves as a collective planetary "voice" and assists in identifying areas of unified activities and planetary focus for all Children of the Sun. Focusing in liaison with the Galactic Federation and the Ascended Masters, the GAIA Federation assists in the stabilization of the planetary dimensional shift as we progress deeper into worldwide processes of purification.
Member requirements and application here

GEO Light Teams
GEO Light Teams serve as pure crystalline portals for the high frequency and transforming cosmic energies that are accelerating the mass awakening. They focus in the Unified Field of collective intention through the Crystalline Grid to effect change and bring stabilization in the specific countries and/or communities in which they serve.
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Grid Transmitters and Receivers
In this accelerated timeline of planetary shift and from our dedicated efforts to help raise everyone into the new Divine Human blueprint, Children of the Sun facilitates the Unified Field Healing and Activation Program. These personal sessions help accelerate processes of transformation and clear limiting patterns of consciousness that inhibit full freedom.

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The planetary Crystalline Grid also referred to as GAIA's Aura, is a higher dimensional system of communication and energy transfer.  Our unification on this new consciousness matrix allows us to continuously receive and exchange information in absolute knowing while assisting to build and bridge a new consciousness matrix.

Next transmission: This Sunday, February 28
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