A conversation with Andrew D. Basiago about the hidden history of his discovery of life on Mars

A conversation with Andrew D. Basiago about the hidden history of his discovery of life on Mars

Sent to us by our good friends Maribel Todd and Charles Wright

Note from Charles: 'My wife and I listened to this 6 hour interview two days ago. It is in 39 parts on you tube.'

Andrew D. Basiago's father worked at Curtis-Wright aviation in Wood Ridge, NJ, among other companies.

From the Time Lab in East Hanover, NJ they would teleport to Los Cerrillos, NM.

Then from Sandia Labs they would teleport back to New Jersy in 1967-71.

They were using equipment made from Nikola Tesla's information taken to Los Alamos labs in 1943.

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Written by Jessica: "A Conversation with Andrew D. Basiago about the Hidden History of His Discovery of Life on Mars"

In this fascinating, six-hour interview, American lawyer Andrew D. Basiago, 47, narrates the hidden history of his discovery of life on Mars in 2008 and reveals the fact that by 1968 the US intelligence community was already aware of aspects of his later Mars work.

Andy relates his experiences in DARPAs Project Pegasus during the period 1969 to 1972, and describes probes to past and future events that he took via teleportation and chronovision during the early days of time-space exploration by the US government.

He confirms that the United States has been teleporting individuals to Mars for decades, and recounts the awe-inspiring and terrifying trips that he took to Mars in 1981 after he was tapped to go there because he had teleported as a child participant in Project Pegasus.

I first met Andy in July 2009 at ECETIs Science, Spirit and World Transformation Conference near Mt. Adams, Washington, where we were both featured speakers.

During his lecture, Andy shared numerous photographic images evidencing his discovery of life on Mars, including many photos of humanoid beings, different animal species, carved statues and built structures on Mars that put him at the forefront of Mars research.

Throughout the weekend, Andy lectured at his table to small groups of conference-goers, who came and sat in rapt attention as he shared stories about his experiences as a child in Project Pegasus, the secret US research program in which time travel was the focus.

I know that, like me, everybody who took part in those impromptu seminars was certain that Andy is, as Bill Ryan of Project Camelot stated recently; 'a truth-teller with significant new information — the real deal to share about the real Philadelphia Experiment.'

In this interview, Andy tells the phenomenal story of seven briefings over 40 years in which he was shown evidence of his destiny involving the discovery of life on Mars, and explains how the emergence of time travel and this epochal future event were interlinked.

According to Andy, by 1968, the CIA was already teleporting individuals to the past and future to retrieve artifacts there and bring them back while propagating holograms of past and future events with devices called chronovisors to also gather intelligence.

Incredibly, as a result of this quantum access, in 1971 Andy was given a copy of his landmark paper The Discovery of Life on Mars and asked to read and remember it, so that when he wrote it, in 2008, it would contain as much data about Mars as possible!

A book and film about Andys experiences in Project Pegasus are in development and he will soon be featured by Project Camelot.

This must hear interview is an introduction to a major figure in the Disclosure Movement and an emerging 21st century visionary, who is fighting the good fight to bring his important story to light."


The Interview (in 39 parts)

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The Spirit of Ma'at — January 2010 — A conversation with Andrew D. Basiago about the hidden history of his discovery of life on Mars

Wow, very interesting stuff indeed, am through part 5 and can't put it down...

Very interesting about Obama being briefed too....

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Thanks Chris,  I don't know why I didn't post the video, grandkids distracted me or just stupid from eating beef yuck yuck yuck...(still only just discovered the word beef in tiny font after Portabello burger in Giant font...ick ick...I'll be Ok..lol


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That was funny!  Did something similar at our office X-mas party.  Our boss and good friend of 20 years is vegetarian too (that's how Kerry and I met him and his wife almost 20 years ago) and he made these excellent veggie tamales for the party, but also made beef ones for the meat lovers.  I grabbed one from the wrong side of the pan and thought they tasted a bit too much like beef to be fake meat, and then he let me know I had grabbed from the wrong side.  I was pleasantly surprised to find I really do still favor the clean food....

Morningstar Farms® - Morningstar Farms® Mushroom Lover's Burger

Back to the forum at hand, was listening to Bob Dean again, his talk at the 2009 Exopolitics gathering in Barcelona, and Kerry from Project Camelot brings Henry Deacon up on stage at the end of Bob's talk, and Henry, in his comment, mentions in casual matter of fact-ness that he has been to Mars (via one of those jump rooms?).  I am assuming that he would have taken the trip from one of the jump rooms mentioned by Andrew (and David Wilcock in some of his stuff), for how else would one get there...  And he does have 30 years of government service...

Again, thanks for posting this Carol Anne!

Here is Bob Dean's talk

YouTube - Bob Dean's presentation, European Exopolitics Summit, Barcelona, 25 July 2009

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I need to clean up my appetite but its very difficult. I have loved fast food from birth and I cannot go vegetarian. I just don't enjoy the taste of vegetables. Maybe I just don't have any interesting ways to flavour them or something. Anyone know of any "transitional" diets or cooking sites? This is a major challenge for me.

Also regarding the originally posted material, I was listening to an interview today with Bill Deacon (i think) on Camelot and he also confirmed that bases were established on Mars in the 80's following research into life there.Sounds like this guys stuff jives with that.

Cheers, J

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Hi Josh-

Meat has tons of fat compared to veggies and most people either roast or fry their meat and wonder why they don't like steamed or boiled vegetabes. I suggest that you start by reversing your cooking. Stir fry or roast your veggies in tons of olive oil - make sure you cook them enough to create carmelization (browning) on the bottom of the pan (no non-stick, old fashioned cast iron or steel pans only) - orange veggies, peppers, corn and onions are great this way but don't try to brown the green ones (you can add a bit of them last just to warm them or just save them to have fresh in salads). Then have your meat steamed or boiled, I bet you'll be amazed by how much better the veggies taste than the meat. In other words, all the flavor is in the browning.

I love to cook - just let me know if you have any more cooking questions! Oh yea, and onions love rosemary, garlic is great with lemon - I could go on and on - maybe I should write a book? The best vegetarian cook book I have is The Moosewood Cookbook by Mollie Katzen - she's come out with lots of books since then but I think the first Moosewood cookbook is the best. Apparently a lot of other people think it is too, I just went looking for a copy for you (on line) but they are hard to come by, perhaps one of the revised editions will do.


Wow, can i come to dinner at your place Wendy!

I grew up on junkfood too, has taken so long to educate my taste buds....luckily I love to cook and when I am eating well I eat lots of nuts, they are expensive though. Like Wendy was saying, don't be afraid to use olive oil, I love putting pumpkin, a whole garlic and capsicum in the oven with lots of oil....it is so good!

I don't get into vegetarianism at all and I don't think there is any problem with eating meat but I do think people destroy many of it's benefits by over cooking it....the best steak in the world is from grain fed beef and it has a very high fat content, it's the fat that holds the flavor and there is nothing wrong with eating GOOD fats, your body actually needs them, it's the trans fats that are no good for us, they aren't actually a food.......essentially though just cook the foods you like yourself and avoid processed things...add herbs and spices as much as possible, I love garlic and chilli and am a big fan these days of ginger, I put it in everything, pasta's, curries.....I am healthier with better energy when I eat a diverse fresh diet....a bit if everything.....also watch the cooking shows and you will learn so much....things like how oil transfers heat and salt changes the chemical formula of things and increases the boiling point creating higher temperatures to cook in...


I am an omivore and will always be so.  I have tried Veganism and it just was not for me.... I tried Vegetarians... and It just was not for me.  I have tried just not eating at all and living on prayer... and it worked for awhile until of course you reach starvation and then no amount of prayer is going to help... the only choice at that point is to eat or die.  I have tried fruitarianism and this I like when I am able to just go out and about and pick and eat and be at one with nature... and I like insects too.  They are quite tasty when one is just out and about in the wilds...   So I am an omnivore.

When the budget allows it to be so I eat as organically as possible.  When it does not I eat as regionally as possible. 

Everything is a trade off.  Do I buy strictly organic that is shipped from across the world triple packed in plastic and cardboard... or do I buy regionally where the food is not organic but not cooporate farmed either and comes sans packaging?  Which is truly better for the Earth?  Which has more food value.

I also try my very best to avoid foods packaged in plastic but not to the detriment of feeding myself or my family.  Sometimes one must compromise. 

I prefer to eat the meat that I do consume ( as family about one 2lb chicken a week, 2lbs of cheese and about 6 dozen eggs a week and the kids love hotdogs so 1lb of those as well and when available to us Wild game and Venison).

Am I healthier as an omnivore.  YES! as a Vegan I was continually anxious and sickly.  As a Vegetarian I craved meat and cheese and yougurt.  So YES! I am healthier as an Omnivore. 

Look around you.  EVERYTHING in NATURE is EATEN it is a system designed to recycle itself.  We Humans think that we are not part of that cycle... but look around and see the feast the flies and decomposers have when we do not fill our dead with chemicals and then bury them in lead lined coffins.  We are prey as all other animals are preyed upon.  If it were not for our tool making ability we would be lunch more times than not. 

I have lots of Raw Food friends who exist on sprouted foods and strange expensive concoctions that take a heck of a lot of petroleum and processing to get to their homes... and they claim they are healthier and promote thier lofty ideals from their Raw Food mountain... but I am still am an Omnivore.  I like my food fresh from the garden or recently harvested.  Veggies and Fruits we eat 90% raw with a minimum of prep other than chopping or cutting up and arranging on a plate.  Meats are cooked to the temp that is required for it to be safe to consume.  Chicken this means it is done.  On the rare occaission we eat Beef it means rare or medium well done.  We also eat venison when given to us.  This I roast to meduim well I find it tastes best this way.  I love it when we are given venison for that means it is completely organic and wild harvested!  No real carbon foot print there.

I also eat what is given as long as it does not contain any corn syrup, additives, food colorants, preservatives... Fresh whole foods is best to go with.  It is also the cheapest diet to eat. 

Horrors to the Raw Food Enthusiest--- I eat GRAINS.  I eat cooked brown rice, semolina pastas made from GASP wheat.  I eat quinoa, millet, and oats.  I eat wild rice and legumes--- lentils and beans.  I eat CHEESE--- parmesean and cheddars.  

I make bone broth!  It is so nourishing to the body filling it with essential amnio acids and vitamin B's.  When I am able I harvest seeweeds and add that to it as well.

I cook with BUTTER!  Yep I sure do.  I also use it on my bread as does everyone else in the house.  I buy butter made not far from where I live... about an hour up the coast of Maine.  So the way I see it--- I could buy imported and expensive olive oil made by a multi-national cooporate farm and manufacturing center or I could buy regionally made butter from regionally living cows from a single maker and distributer... I will go with the regional made any day.

Raw garlic chewed by mouth twice a day and chased down with some florida orange juice keeps the body healthy on all levels including the arteries. 

My hats off to the Vegetarians, Raw Foodist, and Vegans.  I like some of your foods and eat them when able but in my heart of hearts I am an Omnivore.



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