Love in unexpected places

Who would have thought this could happen?


onesong's picture

someday maybe we will understand the power in our kindness, the strength in  seemingly simple acts, the depth our life and love offer us, how we can touch others and all Creation....beautiful story. Thank you.

Absolutely!  Kindness is an expression of Love that creates the bridge where Oneness can flourish! 

Love--  fairyfarmgirl

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The whole Earth and all of her children are in the process of evolving to higher states of conscousness.  In the last couple of years there have been all sorts of videos of totally unlikely actions of love coming from animals that one would never expect such things from.

This one is incredible. I have heard the story briefly before but the photos here are wonderful. It is a true expression of the Creator manifesting love in an unlikely place.  Thanks Waakzaam.


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