Healing the Riverstone Trauma: An EFT Experiment

I joined the new Conflict Resolution group this morning and Aubrey gave me the idea of constructing an experiment to see whether individuals in a group working by themselves following written guidelines could heal a group trauma.  I've seen EFT work with live groups, over the phone, and as distance healing, but in all these cases there was a live person directing the process.  As far as I know this experiment will be a first for EFT group healing with the only link being the written word.
If you choose to join in, this experiment will take only about five minutes of your time.  Please report your results, whatever they are, so we can tell in what proportion of participants there is a successful outcome.

To do this process, you will need to locate the tapping points I mention on your body.  Here is a handy guide.
Tune into the quality of your "Riversong pain."  This may be sadness, grief, anger, frustration, feeling misunderstood, feeling attacked, feeling ignored, feeling unappreciated or whatever comes up for you.  Rate the intensity of your emotion at this moment on a scale of zero to ten, where zero is serenity and ten is over the top. Try to feel this emotion as intensely as possible, recalling a particular memory if one is particularly sensitive.

Using four fingers tap on the karate point on the side of your hand (either hand) and say aloud and with emotion, "Even though I have this Riversong pain, I love and accept myself completely.  Even though I have this Riversong pain, I love and accept myself completely and forgive myself for anything I may have done to contribute to this pain.  Even though I have this Riversong pain, I love and accept myself completely, and forgive anyone else who contributed to this pain.

Tap on each of the following points (on either side of your body) about seven times while repeating the focus words "Riversong pain."  Inner eyebrow, outer edge of eye, under the eye, under the nose, under the lower lip, collar bone (use your fist or the flat of your hand as this point is a little hard to find), under arm.

Make a fist and find the hollow below the knuckles between the pinkie and ring finger.  Tap this continuously while doing the following: Look straight ahead.  Close your eyes.  Open your eyes.  Holding your head steady look down hard to your left and then hard down to your right.  Circle your eyes as if looking around a large clock.  Circle them the other way.  Hum a few bars of "Happy Birthday to You" (to involve the right brain).  Count to five (to involve the left brain).  Hum "Happy Birthday" again.

Repeat step three.  Take a deep cleansing breath.  Reexamine your "Riversong pain."  And evaluate the intensity on a scale of zero to ten.  
If the intensity has not changed at all, repeat the process being sure to repeat the setup phrase with as much feeling as possible and test again. 
If the intensity has lowered somewhat but the feeling is still more than zero, repeat the process using  "remaining Riversong pain" on the tapping points.
If the intensity is zero, or you can't tell exactly what you feel you are done.

Report your results to this forum.
Thank you for participating in my experiment

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Thanks for this beautiful invitation to heal our pain through EFT, Linda. I'm joining you in tapping for healing of us all. Lots of love and gratitude, Fred

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all concern and discomfort disipated via EFT


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