Am I Just Crazy??

When I walk through my house i sometimes expect to see beings appear in front of me. It's like i know someone is here and i can't see them. i feel like at some point in my life i could, but now i'm scared to death to accept the existence. I have been having vivid dreams that leave me waking up exhausted. I see shadows move behind me and lights dash just out of sight. Like there is something moving in the corner of my vision? is anyone else experiencing this......or am I just crazy?

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My wife and I see these all the time. Your eyes and your heart are opening.


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Hi Misty,

All sorts of wonder-full strange things happen to me. I have wildly vivid dreams which I cannot tell apart from reality when I'm in them. I get all sorts of intuitions about various energies present in a space or a person. Freaks people out sometimes, so I've learned to be careful/considerate. Sometimes time and space do funny things. The other day when making love with my partner I noticed the energy of her soul-mate present in the space. We welcomed and embraced him - it was quite an experience. When I close my eyes, visions start pouring in, sometimes that overlaps with the physical world a little, which is fun. Some are insightful, others are pretty out there. Two nights ago two beings - children of fire and ice were rescuing me at my request from a prison in some ultimate authority. Fighting for freedom of expression and being. Sometimes rage at the world boils up inside of me while I feel that I love all around me. Deep hate and blissful love at the same time. I don't take any of it too seriously, it's all part of the ride.


Maybe you are going crazy, congratulations! Maybe I am too! Wohoo!

Surprised Innocent Smile

Lots of love,

'' we are all mad, and if your'e here, that means your'e mad too.'' i just read the 'language of DNA' there seems to be an answer in that. i just wonder if others are experiencing these 'phenomena'

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I walk through life and do see beings in front of me, behind me - in me and others!  Laughing Sometime I even have conversations.  Recently a woman was murdered 2 houses away from me - I spent the better part of 2 days talking with her and never felt the least bit crazy - only supremely lucky.

It started when I was very young, I suppressed it for a number of years. I was fortunate enough to be guided to a school where I was able to embrace my skill as a gift rather than a curse or something to hide.

I also have a wonderful supportive commuity, where I can share all of myself and my experiences with non-ordinary reality.

A suggestion I have is to ground yourself before you go to sleep and set an intention about what you want, if you have spiritual guides you work with ask for their assistance as well.

Sometimes I also see things that appear to be just out of my range of experience - I now invite them to come and playWink.

I fully support you and your awareness!



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Stuart Wilde calls us fringe-dwellers. Those that live on the edge of both worlds. One foot on the ground, head in the heavens...sometimes feeling a bit out of place in this place of dense matter. Nothing crazy about it in my book.

One of the first things I was taught was to ground and protect myself and then to let go of fear, knowing and trusting that. I recommend you learn to center and feel your roots to the earth, ask in the Light of the Heavens, insist anything coming through be of that Healing, Divine Light- the truest purest sort. Then see yourself surrounded by the I AM presence, Angelic host, your Masters and guides. My morning meditation-every morning-goes something like this.

Father-Mother God, keep me in Divine Light as I move through this day. Be my voice, my words, my thoughts, my actions that I may work toward the Highest Good for all in all circumstances. I ask in the Angels of Light. Archangel Raphael surround me in the green light of healing, protect me and those I love in the areas of our health and travels this and each day. Thank you. Archangel Michael with the certain blue light of your mighty sword Protect me from all harm. Thank you. Archangel Gabriel allow the messages and messengers to come through that bring my lessons for this day, be they through word, sign, voice or physical presence. I welcome you and thank you, Masters and guides. Allow me to clearly hear and understand the messages that come.  Uriel light the path that I walk and keep me present. Thank you. I ask the Violet flame to burn through and transmute soul contracts, relationships, any situation that no longer serves my higher purpose, and I send it ahead into the situations, places and encounters I will be faced with today. I visualize all these layers of light, knowing only Light can come in, only Light can be here. The final thing I do is invoke a circle of the pink light of unconditional Love that it be what I send out to those I meet, and what I am met with.

Seems lengthy here, but it isnt. I know I breathe God and God breathes me. Don't be afraid of the things you will be shown. You are only given what you are ready for. You arent crazy, be love and love is what you are. Happy travels.

In Light and Love. kristyne  

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...said it very well.  As the veil thins, we learn that life exists at many levels.  In fact, down here in our few-dimensioned world, this is about as dense as material can get and have life still exist with any vestige of higher knowledge.  There are many manifestations that begin to happen in our lives as this growth in our perception begins to sink in, and we really see that the boundaries of reality aren't absolute by any means.

I don't think there's any yardstick to measure how ascended we are.  The manifestations, the perceptions, what we do about them, what we don't each case, we prove that we are individuals, none of whom is perfect, and all of whom are pretty amazing anyway.  We're being offered all kinds of challenges and opportunities.  The challenges may be vexing.  The opportunities are mind-blowing.  Seems like a fair deal to me.


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i like the way you look at it. i've gotten alot of good from your responses. thanks.

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