My Gift to Us

Beloved Friends,

As a gift to acknowledge the work each of you have done to make our planet a better place, it is a delight to offer my screen savers free of charge to our community. You may find them here:

Send me a private message indicating the screen saver(s) you have chosen, and I'll send you the key code(s) free of charge.

In gratitude, joy, and love,




fredburks's picture

Thanks, Bodhi, for that most awesome offer! I love both your creativity and your generosity, Wishing you an abundance of love and joy, Fred

penny_stone's picture

Thanks so much, Bodhi ~ I will check them out!

Love & light,
Penny :-)

lightwins's picture

I'd definitely love Om Mani Peme Hung. By the way I love every thing you have posted nd I would be honored to include you as my friend.Blessings to you!

UrsulaD's picture

Hi Bodhi,
Your screensavers are awesome! I am so tired of the Beziers perambulating across my screen, but have been too cautious to download from a strange source. I love the Mani II.
The whole Transformation Team is absolutely fantastic.
Love and Blessings

UrsulaD's picture

Hi Bodhi

For some reason I managed to get my "Thank You" posted twice. It surely means that I am just twice as grateful?



Hey Bodhi,

I just checked out your screensavers, very cool!
Thanks, Take care,


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