A Completely Different Perspective on Trump's Presidency

A Completely Different Perspective on Trump's Presidency

"Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves."  ~~  Carl Jung

Dear Gathering Spot friends,

Perspective on Trump's Presidency

The provocative essay below presents an intriguing perspective on Donald Trump's presidency that is well worth considering.

The Trump Trance

Donald Trump. What does that name do to you? I see so many people immediately go into a trance when they hear this name. They are so passionately either for or against him. The same is true for many with Hillary Clinton. Do you realize how the whole country is being put into an us vs. them trance? Is that what we really want? What if politics is largely a charade to keep us distracted from the real work of finding love and meaningful connection with everyone in our lives?

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