The Matrix Exists Because We Believe it is Real

Max Igan has a gift for explaining the system we accept as reality in such a way that it's easy to see the fallacy in our collective thinking.  With Occupy Wall Street in high gear, his words are that much more relevant.



“The more they tell you how corrupt it is, the more people want to rebel. They don't realize that they're free. They don't need to have a revolution. What they need to do is realize that the system is fictional and stop complying with it... What we need to do is connect with each other. That's the point of the whole thing.” ~ Max Igan

A New Wave of Truth-Telling

Dr. Cornell West, Princeton University professor, begins speaking about the Attica Rebellion 40 years ago on September 9, 1971, but soon shifts the topic to what he calls the "niggerization" of Americans since 9/11.  He is a powerful speaker, and I sense we'll be seeing more of him or those of similar influence.

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