My birthday fundraiser has raised $400 already for PEERS/Gathering Spot, more to come!!! :) :) :)

Hey everyone,

I don't have much cash to throw around but there are organizations that I want to support financially. So, I decided to leverage my 50th birthday and my network of friends to create a fundraiser through an organization called PlanG (short for planned giving).

For my birthday, I am asking friends/family not to buy gifts, but instead to donate to a tax-deductible fund (they get the tax deduction, so it's a gift that gives back) and I get to select the charitable organization(s) that will receive the money.

An Awesome Way to Support Gspot/PEERS/Fred

Dear Friends,

A friend of mine recently started a company named Plan G (short for planned giving). It is a hub for charitable donations. In any event, I feel certain many of you are like me, you want to donate more than you do to Fred's organization.

Well for special occasions where gifts are given or exchanged (ie.birthday, Christmas, or other special occasions), you can invite your friends to make a donation to Plan G into an account with your name on it, and then you (the account owner) select which non-profit(s) receive the money!!

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