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Remote Viewing Experiment - Ability to predict the future?

Hi All-

There's been quite a buzz about this remote viewing experiment on line.

I've taken the time to look closely at some of the data from this website and I didn't find it convincing. However, considering that the conclusion of this study is that there will be a major earth change / disaster (the end of the world as we know it) to hit us before June of 2013, I figured I better post this and see what you all think.

Witness testimony from Ann Eller - Planet X

This is testimony of Ann Eller who was a personal assistant to Dr. J Allen Hynek. I found this very interesting and believable but at one point she mentions that the elevation of the Panama Canal is increasing. I did a quick search on elevation change of the Panama Canal, also tried sea level change there and nothing came up. She says planet X is why people have been reporting seeing a double sun but I wasn't particularly impressed with the pictures she shows and I haven't seen a convincing picture yet of this phenomena. What's everyone's take on this? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

David Wilcock speaks of Earth Changes-Ra transmission

David Wilcock posted on his website, Divine Cosmos, just yesterday a message and reading from Ra that I think many of you would appreciate and enjoy hearing.  He covers a lot of current issues, including the political scene, earth changes and much more.

Here is the link to the message.

Chaiten Special Report

From the desk of Editor Michael Knight. May 10 2008


Imagine a cloud of volcanic ash stretching 1800 miles from where you live.

the extent of the “vog” (volcanic fog) that has spread from coast to
coast of South America from the eruption of the Chaiten volcano in

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