Emotional and Psychological Relief

This is great! Man, it's amazing what huge leaps in understanding we are experiancing. I really needed this. When clarity occurs, it's one of the most pleasurable and satisfy experiences available.

What's more ... this area of focus and discussion, in relation to this womans presentation is something, I believe, we can all agree. Refreshing, in the place of the current manifestation of broad and extreme human polarization on the planet. Seeming like the greater and faster access we have to others, the more we push away.

But we are actually doing it folks. We figure out more every day. I truly believe we are on the verge of finaly growing up, stepping outside ourselves and truly observing and understanding for the first and only time, even the smallest piece of our existance. A discovery of self, in self, and the amazing abilities we encapsulate.

Emotion is the key, and needs only to be understood as bio-para/sensory idicator and actuator for our participation with a self organization called life.




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