A Debt Relief Program that Can Change The World

Hey everybody, Occupy's Strike Debt group just created a debt relief program called Rolling Jubilee. It is absolutely BRILLIANT. People donate money to the project, they buy debt at a discount, then unlike banks that service the debt and collect it for profit, Rolling Jubilee relenquishs the debtor of that debt.


Please donate to this!!! $50,000 can pay off $1M or more in debt (so, if only 1000 people donate $50, $1M in debt can be lifted off the backs of those in debt). $25 can pay off $500 or more in debts.

Check it out!!! And please donate, and PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!!!


Love and Peace,


p.s. I apologize if this has already been posted in the forums... I haven't been in the loop  for a while.

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