A Note From Mike Quinsey of The Tree of the Golden Light.com

Wanted to share this with all of you. Great little video.  Watch for all the wonderful teachers who appear in the video including David Wilcock. Also note the clips from the movie Contact.


Hi Friends,
                 There is a Dear One who is part of the "Translation Team"
she is Kees and translates my messages into Dutch. She recently made a
wonderful short video as a tribute to all Lightworkers, and I feel she has
been inspired to make it. I felt I had to circulate it, and I believe Kees
has made a great choice in choosing the backing music, the words to it are
also very appropriate.
                  The link will need to be pasted into your Internet Search
Window as it is not live. I feel sure you will find it emotionally very
stirring and uplifting.
                                          In Love and Light. Mike Quinsey.

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