Intenders Circle: Shine Your Light

The Bridge ~ Reminder #82
The Eighth Intent
Shine Your Light


I am a magnificent being, awakening to my highest potential. I express myself with joy, smiling easily and laughing often. I shine my light.

     Working directly with the light is our next step. It doesn't cost us anything to see ourselves happier, more abundant, or full of joy. No one sends us a bill when we see our body in its ideal state of health. We don't need anyone's permission, and we don't have to be in a special place. Nor do we require the use of any fancy devices or tools. In fact, we don't need anything other than our imagination and the light itself, and  it's always there, just waiting for us to do with as we please. It doesn't take long working with the light until we begin to shine brighter than ever.

    I don't know how long I slept, but when I awoke, a radiantly beautiful woman stood before me. She was dressed in a white-fringed, buckskin dress, intricately beaded with ancient Native American symbols. An eagle feather was tied to her single black braid, and beside her stood a young, pure white buffalo, grazing quietly. I knew from the stories I'd read years ago that she was White Buffalo Calf Woman.

     "You're real!" I blurted out.

     "I'm as real as you are," she answered, smiling at me.

     "But I thought you were a myth or a fairy tale...."

     She laughed outloud. "Much is not as it appears to be."

     I thought about that and nodded.

She looked at me thoughtfully, her eyes showing a genuine compassion. "You are very close to stepping further into the world of Spirit," she said. "In the world of Spirit, all is known. No secrets exist, and no one can hide. Those who live in Spirit see all that goes on in the world of Matter. But those in the world of Matter do not see into the world of Spirit, unless they learn to shine their light."

        "And how do I learn to shine my light?" I asked.

     "By doing just what you are doing, Robert. By overcoming your fears. By taking responsibility for your own actions and stepping bravely into the unknown. By asking for guidance, like you did in your intentions this morning."

     I didn't say anything. As far as I was concerned, there were still a lot of things that I was afraid of.

     "I will give you an example," she said. "When you came upon this magical living stream, you didn't hesitate to drink all you wanted. You trusted in your intuition that the water was good for you, and you weren't frightened to touch it."

     "That's true."

     "Many people in your world would not have done what you did. They would think the water was poisonous, and they would shy away from it. Their beliefs would have kept them from experiencing the special revitalizing qualities that this water passes on to those who drink of it." She reached down and ran her hand, ever-so-slowly, through the water. From where I sat, it looked like a thousand diamonds glistening as the water trickled through her fingers.

     "It is the same with many things in your world. Your people are frightened of things that, in reality, are very beneficial for them."

      "What things?" I asked.

     "You labor under two great limitations, Robert. These limitations pervade your world and keep you from experiencing your birthright. The first limitation is that there are no worlds other than the one in which you are living. It amazes those in my world how this idea can continue to exist, especially in light of all of the new information which is being made available to you. Where do you think your dreams are coming from? Where do your thoughts, your feelings, or your creative inspirations come from? There is so much more that awaits your people, and yet they cannot access it as long as they believe it doesn't exist."

 "Our limiting beliefs create our limited reality?" I stated, rhetorically.

     "That's the way it works, Robert. If, on the other hand, your people would seek, in earnest, to step into the world of Spirit, then ancient doors would open, and old friends would bid them to enter."

From The Code ~ The Reunion : A Parable for Peace

My intention for today is:
I intend that I take some time everyday
to see myself in my highest light.



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