Intenders Circle: Getting Unstuck

The Bridge ~ Reminder #87
Getting Unstuck

Let your thoughts know that you are in charge

Did you ever notice that you'd be listening to a song on the stereo and for the next several hours or days the same lyric keeps running over and over through your mind? Or when things get a little hectic in your life that your thoughts tend to turn dark and repeat themselves like a tape stuck in an endless loop? Sometimes that's the Universe's way of getting us to see something about ourselves that we may have been overlooking. But, most often, it is simply our ego mind or unfriendly invisibles parading our worst fears before us. In either case, we need to learn how to deal with it.

"After setting intentions that I am guided, guarded, protected, and that I am serving the highest good of everyone involved, I slung my new backpack over my shoulder and walked into the forest. In seconds, the canopy enveloped me, and I couldn't tell north from south, or east from west. The only thing I could do was keep moving forward. The voices in my head came loud and insistent right away. They said I was crazy, that I could die out here without ever having helped Trish or Mustafa. They said to watch out for wild animals, quicksand, poison water, and more....

It reminded me of something Kokopelli said, in between all the dancing and merry-making. He said that our mind is like the barker at a carnival, and then he cupped his hands like a megaphone and started shouting, "Come one, come all! Come every thought imaginable. Step right up and I will view you. I will give you energy and attention." Then he uncupped his hands and continued, saying that most of us allowed the barker to go on indefinitely, even though we knew, deep down, that everything we put our attention on gets stronger.

According to him, it was up to us to ground our thinking, and, whenever our thoughts were flying here and there, we needed to see ourself and others in their highest light, whole and perfect, and let our thoughts know that we're in charge. When our thoughts get out of hand, like rowdy children, we should tell them, "Get behind me! Leave me be! I have no use for you! You are only holding me back! I have an opportunity in this life to be a God/Man, to become master of my fate. I will not listen to you one minute longer. I will not be swayed by your trickiness . . . ."

Finally, after having had as much of this negativity as I could tolerate, I screamed, "Leave me alone! Get behind me!"

Much to my surprise, that worked. My mind stilled, and I suddenly became more aware of the beauty of the forest. As my breathing deepened, the glow around the branches and rocks appeared and, with each step, I found myself slipping into another world.

From The Reunion: A Parable for Peace

My Intention for today is:

I Intend that I am commanding my negative thoughts to go away.




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