Video Communication

Andrew's post to the thread of my video of Magical Godmother Sings the Rainbow Connection made me think.  I am going on 69 and Andrew is 26.

I have been readig a book called Born Digital: Understanding the First Generation of Digital Natives.  Andrew is a digital native, born after 1980  I am pre-baby boomer--part of the Silent Generation.

Are other people on TT either digital natives or old fogies who have a wish to move into new styles of communication?  I posted a song I recorded, singing several notes below my normal range because I was scared the computer might explode on me if I stopped and went to get my pitchpipe.  

I see lots of great stuff being posted on youtube that is pasted into our TT communications.  I see lots of young people youtubing as if there was nothing to it.  I see lots of older people whose film is pretty crude also sharing with a planetary audience.

So I wonder.  Instead of posting a text message to TT, all of you community members whose contributions we appreciate so much might make and link a youtube video.  I would love to see your faces and hear the sounds of your voices.  At least once in a while.




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