Timewave Zero, 2012, and Strangeness Right Now

The "Timewave Zero" software is sort of like a mathematical oracle, search "novelty theory" for an explaination of Terrence McKenna's ideas on this. It predicts an exponential spiral into "novelty" (As opposed to "Habit") at the end of the year 2012. It also seems to show dramatic shifts from novelty into habit or vice versa during world war two, 911, something in 2003, and something right about now ;)

You can find the software to look at graphs of the "timewave" here: http://home.sou.edu/~tarpiniaj/TimeWaveZero.zip

You can also take a look at a page that seems to be describing how the math works: http://www.hermetic.ch/frt/math_twz.htm

I strongly encourage everyone who is interested in this to take a few minutes, figure out how the software works, and look at some of the graphs, particularly the time period after the creation of the software in the nineties through to 2012. Fascinating stuff!

Love You All!


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