Support PR for Tibet During the Olympics

I just received this from my friend, Holly, and thought that you, too, might want to help.



Dear Friends,

This is my amazing friend Celia
whose calling is taking her to Asia to work for the freedom of Tibet.
 Celia is an incredible media strategist who will be working during the
Olympics in China to create a media spotlight on the atrocities that
China has perpetrated on the very peaceful and wise nation of Tibet and
his holiness the Dali Lama.

I am donating $200 and
would love to ask you all to match me.  This work is SO important and I
am SO grateful Celia has taken this on!
Please read on.  She's SO inspiring!

Love, me

Holly Roach
c. 505.554.7133

Begin forwarded message:

From: Celia Alario <[email protected]>
Date: July 4, 2008 10:44:27 AM MDT
To: Holly Roach <[email protected]>
Subject: My official ask---it's time folks!

If you or anyone you know can help, please do forward this on!
wanted to give you a quick update on my summer plans.  After being
granted a visa to Beijing, I was called by the consulate to be told my
visa was being revoked without any specific explanation!  Very odd.
 BUT I am still working all summer with Students For A Free Tibet and
have been doing so for the last month or two, helping out with the
media training for brave young people from around the world who will be
speaking out for Tibet this summer.
revised work plan is to be as close as possible to China, in as close a
time zone as possible doing media work at one of a few hubs where many
international media outlets place their journalists.  I am taking
pledges to cover my own travel, gear and personal expenses so that I
can ease the burden on SFT.  They are doing great, have raised about
$1million and have about $100k to go, but my hope is to get my expenses
covered without their help.  My total needs are about $15,000 and so
far I have $3000 committed.  I need your help!
am wondering whether you and/or anyone else you know would contribute
to the cause. No amount is too small.  Donations can be made to "PR for
People & the Planet-a project of IHC".  This is my personal
nonprofit 501c3 project, and donations ARE tax-deductible.   This can
be done via check  (payable to:   "PR for People & the Planet-a
project of IHC") or online at:
you would like to pay by check you can mail it to my address below.  A
bit of background about the issue and my work is below.  THANKS!!!
Celia Alario
657 Mountain View Drive
Moab, UT 84532
310.721.6517 cell
435.259.3955 land
skype & VIDEO skype: celiaalario
Gtalk/.mac IM: celiaalario
AIM: celialovesmoab
"Legislation won't change the heart, but it will restrain the heartless."  Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

this Olympic year, with all eyes on China, Tibetans are risking
everything for their freedom, saying "Enough!" to over fifty years of
suffering under Chinese occupation. Students for a Free Tibet  (SFT)
has followed the lead of Tibetans inside Tibet by stepping up key
campaign initiatives and carrying out the most creative, ambitious and
strategic actions yet.

the last 10 years, I've had the honor to offer training in nonviolent
direct action skills, and specifically media and PR skills to students
and Tibetans in exile at SFT-sponsored trainings.  In recent years,
SFT’s efforts have captured international media attention and ensured
the voices of Tibetans inside Tibet are amplified around the world.
Because of SFT's cutting-edge media strategy, accomplished
communication skills and tech-savvy approach to actions, every major
news and print media network has carried pictures and video of their
actions and demonstrations. Meanwhile, quotes and analysis from not
only SFT’s leaders but also their grassroots activists - who have been
trained at SFT Action Camps for exactly this moment (many by me!) –
have ensured that when the spotlight is on Tibet, the right message is
inserted into the overall story.

summer I am collaborating with SFT via my 501c3--PR for People &
the Planet (a project of IHC)— to build, train and coach a team of
communications & public relations practitioners to be the
spokespeople for a host of important actions around the world, and in
Beijing.  We’re capitalizing on a depth of experience in human rights
work and grassroots crisis communications, and expertise in the fields
of international media and direct action press logistics that SFT needs
at this critical and unique time.  It is my honor and for me
personally, a spiritual imperative to serve in this way.

has raised nearly double its annual budget of previous years to
coordinate events during this key year, but more is needed to realize
their goals.  I am personally committed to raising $15,000 to cover my
costs on this media team, and I am asking you to stand with me--as I
stand with His Holiness the Dali-Lama--in support of human rights and
freedom for the people of Tibet.

contribution will ensure we are able to fully seize the opportunity the
Beijing Olympics presents to us. This is the most urgent time to
support SFT as this organization effectively expends tremendous
physical and financial resources toward realizing with their goal – and
the goal of the Tibetan people – human rights and freedom for Tibet.

For more on what the organization is doing check out

Here is a brief summary of my personal project budget:

Total project cost: $15,000 per media team member—total members:  6

  • Media
    liason support to pitch an action a day for the duration of the Beijing
    Olympics (Aug 8-22), plus one framing action = 15 actions.  [Note:  The
    funds for the actions are secured, I am raising funds for my PR and
    media support role.]
  • Collaborative
    work with SFT's highly skilled technical teams, producing and
    distributing our own media (live video newscasts, blogs etc)
  • Outfitting
    each member with state-of-the-art communications equipment (ex. cyrpto
    phones, satellite communications devises, secure laptops) and
    documentation equipment (ex. video cameras)

covers my costs (flights, accommodations, expenses, crypto phones,
wireless communications, computer accessories, video equipment, etc)

can be made to "PR for People & the Planet-a project of IHC".  This
is my personal nonprofit 501c3 project, and donations ARE
tax-deductible.   This can be done via check  (payable to:   "PR for
People & the Planet-a project of IHC") or online at:

Celia Alario, PR for People & the Planet
PO Box 1361
Moab UT 84532

About PR for People & the Planet:

PR for People & the Planet,
a 501c3 non-profit project of IHC (International Humanities Center)
provides media and public relations support, training and strategies to
grassroots organizations, coalitions and individuals working to promote
social change through environmental, economic and global justice,
indigenous rights, labor and corporate accountability campaigns.  We
also collaborate with businesses, authors and filmmakers whose products
and efforts help to advance social justice.

PR for People & the Planet seeks
to build media skills and power at the grassroots level, and our
commitment extends far beyond the development and execution of a media
plans on a client's behalf.  We are dedicated to creating successful
media campaigns while also providing the training, leadership
development, skills sharing and mentoring necessary to build lasting
media capacity within the grassroots organizations we serve.

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