SaLuSa: We are One and it has always been so February 17, 2010

SaLuSa: We are One and it has always been so
February 17, 2010
Those of you who have your ears to the ground are aware how quickly events are moving, and it will not be long before they start to bring about a whole series of results. It will be the domino effect and it will be unstoppable once it commences. Much in your future lies in the revelations of our existence, and an open dialogue with us so that our plan can be presented to you. It is not only that you have invited us to meet you, but it is an integral part of all activities leading to Ascension. We have been chosen to assist you through the various stages of its process, because we have had immense experience in helping civilizations do so. You are in any event intended to join us so that we may continue the journey together, into the glorious dimensions of Light. We are One and it has always been so, and as time progresses we will come even closer together. We can tell you that we are your true family, and many of you are directly linked to civilizations in the Galactic Federation.
When we seek out other civilizations it is never to colonies them, but some groups of ET’s who are not members of our Federation have that in mind. It has happened to you in the past, and the presence of the Annunaki some 5000 years ago in Sumeria is such an example. Much that has filtered through from those times has led mankind down the slippery slope to near annihilation. Whilst it is true that they falsely presented themselves as gods, Man was in that time at a low point in his vibrations and open to their rule. However, the time of the warriors of war has now been overtaken by the warriors of Light. By regaining your rights, you will also once again become the Sovereign Beings that you were born to be.
The dark Ones would love to extend their hold over you, and look to create the conditions in which that may be possible. However, we are pleased to inform you that they no longer have that degree of control, and their chain of command is losing its power base. In the light of revelations that are to come about their activities, they will lose even more power and the end of their rule will be in sight. Many souls wait in anticipation of being called to take over, and their selection has been based upon their integrity and honesty. They are souls of Light and will give President Obama the support that he lacks at present. Make no mistake Dear Ones, whatever views people take of his presidency so far he has chosen by the Lords of Light to bring you together.
Few if any of you on Earth have a full picture as to what is going on where the Light is concerned. It is suffice to say that you know where you are going, but do not yet know how you are going to get there. You have ideas and you have purposefully been given an outline of the plan. However, it is best that the final details are kept covered up, and then our moves will carry more impact upon the dark Ones. Rumors will always abound in such circumstances, so be discerning and careful as to where you place your faith. Most importantly allow for sudden changes and know that the times are so critical to your future, the game plan may be altered many times. We are patient and know that when we can finally move into action, it will be absolutely the right time.
Physical extremes are part and parcel of your experiences, but by accepting the challenges they present you have proved the extent to which Man and the physical body can go. You have become so strong in the face of adversity; nothing that is yet to come will overpower you. Mentally you have become empowered to stand up for your rights, and as more of you join together your strength is increasing. We shall be standing with you urging you ever onwards, and our Light will go with you to produce a powerful force for the good of all. That much we are allowed to do, and it is the Law of Attraction in action.
Karma is being rapidly cleared to ensure the highest levels of Light are reached upon Earth. The lower energies are being transmuted, as much due to your application of the Light as well as ours. From all over the Universe it continues to be beamed to Earth, and Lightworkers will find their energy levels constantly renewed. The dark Ones have no answers to the Light except that they try to divert you attention away from it. Creating chaos and fear is their weapon, but it cannot get to you unless you allow it so to happen. See nothing but the future and “feel” if you can its beautiful energy caressing you. It is the Elixir of Love, that brings great joy and happiness. One day in the not too distant future, you will live in that higher dimension to enjoy all it has to offer. That will bring you a step nearer to the Creator, and all that can be possibly imagined will bring you utter and complete bliss.
Be sure and positive in your beliefs, and set your sight on all that is a perfect expression of Love and Light. You are the waking Christed Ones and will fulfill the long awaited return of Christ. You are powerful beyond your present realization, but will fully know your true Self with the coming of full consciousness. Your progress towards Ascension is speeding up, and certain events must soon take place so that you may continue doing so. Nothing can stop that process, which is another reason not to pollute your mind with the last attempts of the dark Ones to distract you. You are leaving the old energies behind as they no longer serve you, and your links with them are being permanently removed. They cannot in any event remain in the higher vibrations for much longer, and will be transmuted. Can you not sense that feeling of being centered, knowing that you are safe within it? This is what we hope you will all work towards, and you are quite capable of doing so.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and acknowledge the desire of so many of you to find your true Self. You ask how you will know if you are successful, and we would say that when you find peace, happiness and love you are One with the Light. Do not despair if you cannot quite make it at present, as the incoming energies are constantly being uplifted to help you along. We believe in easing you into the Light so that you have time to assimilate it into your Being. We know that the pressures of everyday life have their effect upon you, and if you feel run down take the time to find your place of quietness and peace. Relax into the dream that allows you to draw the energies of the future to you, and re-charge yourself. Love yourself as others do, as you are all worthy souls.
Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey

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