Be the Person You Are by Jean Warner

Be the Person You Are
by Jean  Warner
You are a child of the Most High.  The flame of your Source glows inside your heart.  For most of Earth mankind it is but a flicker, as we see our self as separate from Source.  It is impossible for us to be so, but it is our perception.  As we change that perception, that flame will expand.
Everything that is, is simply energy.  Energy is malleable and constantly changing.  It responds to thought, and so as you think, so are you.  You see energy in every form that you can imagine.  As you imagine, you out-picture the form that your imagination perceives.  But it, like us, is only energy in expression.  It can be changed.
We are all connected, and every thought goes into the collective consciousness.  Many like thoughts going into a group consciousness can help to produce what each person has pictured in his mind.  As one person pictures a view of trees outside his window and holds that picture in mind, that thought will slowly permeate the thoughts of others in the area.  As the thought spreads into the consciousness of others, it will sprout seeds and trees will start to grow, depending on the belief and strong intention of the ones who imagined that possibility.
Each of us has that creative energy within, but unless we have the faith to maintain the picture we want to manifest, our own uncertainty will thwart the process.  A soul with strong intentions and focus may produce his dream on his own, but a multitude with that same intensity can produce miracles.  What is perceived as a miracle is simply the outcome of magnetic attraction, a natural law of nature. When the power of one becomes the power of many, more miracles happen.
However, to facilitate those miracles, individuals need to realize their power.  The flame within each of us is simply the power of God.  We each carry our share of the energy of God, which is in all things.  For all things, including humans, are the manifestations of the God Power.  We each have that power within us.  Each of us can expand that flame of power within our hearts by recognizing who we are.  We are powerful beings who have convinced ourselves that we are powerless!
Look at the successful people around you, those who are perceived as successful in a good way or those who are considered bad.  Both have recognized the power that lies within them.  Those who have allowed others to use their power to dominate or intimidate them have failed to realize the power within themselves.  Now is the time to realize that power.  We have let ourselves be victimized, simply because we see ourselves as victims.  We have failed to realize the power within us.
However, people worldwide are waking up to this realization and are starting to take action against the controllers.  The balance has begun to shift.  It is most important at this time for us to become the powerful majority for good.  This does not imply that we should fight violence with violence.  It is the power of thought or mind power that can turn the tide. There is a truth to the notion that thoughts are things.  For thought is creative energy.  And our only foe is “negative” energy.  If we can change “negative” energy into “positive” energy, we can change the world.  (Actually, Energy is neither positive nor negative; it is simply energy.  Yet it can be used in what we would consider a negative or positive way.)
Recognize the power of the mind, of intention, of focus, of direction.  And know that the greatest power is love!  Love is a mis-understood emotion.  It is not an emotion at all.  It is God energy.  Love is energy in alignment with the God Force within us.  And it is all powerful.  It is an energy that will guide us in the right direction.  Love energy will prevail against all evil, all adversity.  Therein lies our strength, our guidance, our right decisions.
Lack of love is what has driven the so-called evil people in the world to make the choices they have made.  When one has grown up feeling unloved, he spends his life trying to compensate for the lack of something he knows not of.  He often relates power to whatever he feels is missing in his life.  He does not know that the respect he tries to gain through control is a useless pursuit.  It is kindness that he hungers for.  It is understanding that he needs.  It is recognition of his value as a person that he longs for.  Yet he cannot see this when he has no memory of these things.  His negative orientation may not have developed just in this lifetime.  It may be the result of circumstances in past lifetimes as well.  If these are not dealt with, he lets anger dominate his actions and reactions to a life or lives devoid of the goodness he knows not of.
This does not mean that his bad choices should be allowed by society when they are destructive to others. But society’s ignorance has allowed children to grow up in conditions that generate such troubled personalities.  Some out of control personalities cannot be changed easily, probably not in one lifetime.  And that’s what brought on the reincarnation pattern.  But now is the time to make the choice to change ourselves, to change our own attitudes and patterns of living if we want to change the society in which we live.  Change starts with us, individually.
We must realize that we can create a society in which children can grow in loving environments.  We can change our thoughts and attitudes by asking ourselves what our thoughts and words are creating and whether they are creating a world we can enjoy living in.  We must know that we have the power within us to make the choices that will benefit us and others as well.  We have let our world get out of control, pointing our fingers at others for the blame.  We are the only ones in control of our lives.  We are the only ones who can make the changes.  It has to start with us!  By lifting our consciousness--each one of us--we can create the world we want.
We are all responsible for the chaos the world is in, if only because we have ignored the problems and allowed them to happen?    Ask yourself:  is my attitude contributing to the problems?  If so, what can I do to correct it?  Each of us has the power to change the world, one person at a time, until the collective consciousness uplifts and turns things around.  Today is the day to start.  Look within yourself and ask:  Is my influence effecting a peaceful, harmonious environment?  If not, start monitoring your thoughts, words, and actions.  Purifying your thoughts will affect those around you.  Their uplifting will affect those around each of them and will radiate out.  Soon the effect will spread exponentially!
You, yes you, can begin to change the world!  But together, we can change it faster!  Let’s start now.
Jean  Warner
Thoughts to Ponder *  * © Copyright 2009 Jean Warner  *  Jean's greatest joy is in writing, singing, intermingling with, and learning from, many inspiring lightworkers.  Contact Jean at  *  [email protected]*  1177 Agnes Lane  *  Gilbert AZ  85296  *

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