I'm not sure I'd call this a poem really...but just a little something I was inspired to write the other day and wanted to share.



Your suffering is all in your mind
Perfect peace and happiness are yours right now
It doesn't matter what your life looks like
There is beauty and joy to be found in all things
Every negative thing you have attracted into your life is there for a reason
You have been given it or you have created it to learn and to grow
The choice is yours in every moment how you respond to it
You are always evolving regardless of the choices you make
It may look like you are going backwards, but this is impossible
Some lessons take longer to learn than others
Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you have the courage to change
Some people bring themselves to the point of death learning their lessons
We all make personal choices that determine how long or how fast we are evolving
Any pace is fine
It's not a race
The timing is always perfect
But the suffering...
The suffering is just an illusion
We create the suffering in our own minds
We do it with our attachment to perfection
But in order to move beyond suffering we must realize that perfection is now
Perfection isn't some future goal
There is no end game
Perfection is in the process
Rewards are reaped by actions
Consequences are reaped by action...or inaction as it may be
But everything serves a higher purpose
Be humbled
Be grateful
And above all love yourself and be gentle
You are divine

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"With all this shit around here, there's bound to be a pony somewhere!"

Thanks lightwins and LOL Noa! I'm assuming by 'shit' you were referring to the negative things we attract into our lives and not my 'poem' as being shitty? lol. Though it's not much as far as poems go...sometimes I actually rhyme and have some kind of structure...this one didn't though. :)

I bless you with Love Snwdream. Thank you for sharing your truth. A beautiful poem that evokes imagery of the journey through the fear to the discovery that each One is Divine.



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<3 i love it

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Thanks for sharing that beautiful poem, Jennifer. I felt a strong resonance on reading it.

Much love,

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It's a beautiful poem, Jennifer, and so true. 

After I posted the comment above I realized that it might be misconstrued as offensive because it was delivered out of context.

I first heard that 'bound to be a pony' expression at a motivational conference.  It is meant to illustrate how we can choose to be positive in any situation.

Your lines, " Every negative thing you have attracted into your life is there for a reason."  and "We create the suffering in our own minds" made me think of the pony.

I appreciate your words tremendously and I did not mean to undermine their significance or beauty.

I love your posts!

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Great post! Thanks,


Thank you guys again...and completely understand Noa!

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