Some Solstice Meditations 12/21/2010

Here are some Meditations that I am aware of and/or are participating in.  If the "time" that the meditation has taken place just simply set the intention to connect with the energies of this particular meditation.  I plan to begin meditations sometime after sundown 12/21 and continue until 1/12 nightly.  I will be sitting in a quiet meditation from 12/22 - 1/12 nightly with true intent and heartfelt love, breathing Sacred Love to myself,and Ho'opoponno (sp. :)).  Sometimes I may choose to return to one of the meditations I have listed here...

One Million Minutes for Peace

I know this probably will be posted a bit too late for most, but in honor of International Peace Day, there is a world wide call for a minute of silence at noon local time.  Within the silence, focus your attention on what peace in our time would look like. 

Note that this will be observed on the hour for many, many hours, so if you missed noon, just jump in with the next time zone's observance.

My understanding is that there are at least 127 countries involved and countless people. 

Peace be with you.




Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment

I thought some of you might find this interesting, I get the impression that the author has a bit of a skewed perception, but I think he makes some interesting points about "New Age" type thinking and some of the flaws. I've only read half of the first chapter, its very long, a book almost.

Healing the Root of All Evil

Hey All,

I was at work today and was doing some end of the year paperwork type stuff. I've been doing a bit of meditation lately and doing my best to send out positive energy to the Earth, and I got thinking:

What if we were to imbue our financial transactions with positive energy?

Part of my job is administration of contracts for construction projects. I eventually sign off on payments for the Contractors, (or at least oversee the payments) and in effect, I direct the flow of some decent quantities of cash.

Mind Control

I think you guys will like this. The conclusion is that what mind control tries to do most is dis-connect people from Source, so the fix is meditation and any other techniques that promote connection with the Divine.


Steve Jacobson on Mind Control

This is a 37 minute interview with Steve Jacobson on Mind Control.
You can click on it to listen or right click on it and save it as an MP3.

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