2012 Revolution: World Awakening

Lots of F-bombs spoken by the narrator in the first few minutes of Part 1.  Then, Mark Howitt gives us a candid look at what is happening behind closed doors and the resulting uprisings around the world.  Many of the conspiracies exposed are not new to readers at the G-spot, but there is also a lot of great footage that you may not have seen before.  Interesting how pertinent the material is as Americans are now "occupying" in protest across the globe. ~ Noa

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

I often make a note of things I'd like to post on the Gathering Spot.  The following chilling insight into the Rothschilds and their cronies is one that wound up in my notes from this morning.  Oddly enough, I don't have any recollection bookmarking it, nor do I remember how I managed to come across it on the Internet.  It's like it just mysteriously appeared in my notes.

Austerity Measures in France

These days, many countries are calling for citizens to make sacrifices to help governments balance their sinking budgets.  Although France's austerity measures could not be considered good news... unlike America's policies, at least the weathiest Frenchies are pitching in a bit.  It strikes me that if France's plan were passed today in the U.S. we might be celebrating it as a progressive move towards fairness. > Noa

Amazing Inerview with James Corbett - InfoWars.com

Below is the link to an astounding video interview with independent journalist James Corbett, who is based in Japan.   I had never heard of him before lightwins post about Benjamin Fulford here today.  In this 2-part, half-hour interview he and his interviewer cover an amazing amount of ground regarding the depth and breadth of the mechanisms that the NWO parasites are using and have used for a long time, to achieve their ends.  It's a short in-depth summary of the big NWO picture.  Brilliant.

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