Osama death

Last night when I first heard about Osama being shot and killed and then dumped into the ocean, I felt a huge wave of sadness which hasn't left  yet.  The sadness is more than the death of one mean man.  It is a caldron of mean, sick people who control too much of this planet.  Our government must have been done with the guy they created so they got rid of him at the point that his death could possibly put an end to the 9/11 truth seekers. 

Does anyone want to talk about this?

Hypnotic Trance Inducement via the Twin Towers

Hi all,

I was stunned by this because to me it explained peoples inability to confront the Bush administration and it's many dark actions. I saw this interview in 2009 with Larry Burk, MD who is an expert in hypnotism and it's uses. He shows how the events of 9/11 followed classic rules and steps to induce a trance state and allowed molding of our behaviour and perception. It seems obvious in hindsight! I don't want to make myself and others angry again about 9/11 but I felt this illuminated my understanding of the experience we all shared that day.

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