Batman movie in Colorado -- Random attack or a preparatory false flag?

I just received the below from MoveOn, as some of you surely have, too.  In this environment of deception and false-flag attacks, one wonders whether the guy who did this was really just a random disturbed individual or one of the mind-controlled patsies who have apparently committed many (if not all) of the terrible killings (attempted and successful) that we're all aware of here. 

Security a joke at the 2012 London Olympics - watch & spread around to prevent another 9/11

A reporter gets a job with the security firm that is doing the Olympics. Metal detectors don't work, most experienced people overlooked and unexperienced promoted, uniforms have gone missing, drugs sold in training classes, background checks not performed, foreign military will be used. Please spread this around.


U.S. Currency Shows Twin Towers Falling


Why do four of the bills printed by the Federal Reserve depict the Twin Towers falling in progression? 


I first learned about this phenomenon when listening to an interview given by an expert on occult symbolism.  It's is no coincidence; this is intentional Talisman, predictive magic, says Mark Passio.  (I'll be posting more about him later.) 

9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out

This is an excellent video to pass on to all your left-brained friends because it exposes the truth about 9/11 without making the conspiracy argument.  Instead, dozens of architects and engineers give expert testimony, based on scientific fact, about what caused the fall of the Twin Towers and Building 7.


Rumsfeld: Flight 93 Shot Down

According to the official story, Flight 93, the fourth jetliner commandeered on 9/11/01, was flown into the ground near Shanksville, PA, as a result of a struggle in the cockpit between the hijackers and passengers who had rushed them in an attempt to gain control of the aircraft or otherwise prevent it from crashing into a strategic target, such as the U.S. Capitol.

So why does Donald Rumsfeld say that United Flight 93 was shot down?


A New Wave of Truth-Telling

Dr. Cornell West, Princeton University professor, begins speaking about the Attica Rebellion 40 years ago on September 9, 1971, but soon shifts the topic to what he calls the "niggerization" of Americans since 9/11.  He is a powerful speaker, and I sense we'll be seeing more of him or those of similar influence.


3-Day "One" Event Begins Tomorrow (9/9/11 - 9/11/11)


This September 11, Choose Love and Unity.  Imagine if on the day we remember one of history's most unsettling events, we stop the cycle of fear and instead imagine honoring those who sacrificed so much by focusing on our love for each other. Come and join us live or online for a free 3-day global event designed to share solutions and accelerate our shift from fear to love and from surviving to thriving. 

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