Just for fun, Top Predictions for what happens between now and 2012

#1 - Worldwide shortage of rare earth metals

The world depends on Rare Earth Metals (REMs) to manufacture everything from electric motors to solar panels and computer parts. Expect a global shortage to hit hard over the next three years. (http://www.naturalnews.com/028028_r...)

Gregg Braden and Richard Hoagland on Coast to Coast Re 2012

Hi Gang,

I am copying a whole post from another forum I participate in. The person who posted it make some very good points which I would also have made for the point that I have seen some things that the SyFy documentary last month was misleading in a very strong way. The videos offered here are a MUST LISTEN TOO!!  Too good to miss. I would have directed you right to the Coast to Coast site for the replay but it is a payed subscription site. Sorry. The Youtube videos are quite good. There are fifteen in the series and it  is a long listen but..... worth your time and effort..

Guardian Spirits

The following is a story from my personal experience that I wanted to share, as although much of the material we see on these forums and on the internet is incredibly important and interesting, I think our personal experiences of forces beyond ourselves are also very important to talk about. In the "outside" world many people would look down upon such discussions in our modern day and age, but regardless, here is some thoughts I've been having lately.

2012 Startling New Secrets-last Sunday's documentary

I thought that there had been a post listed letting everyone know about the program on Syfy channel last Sunday night which featured Richard Hoagland, David Wilcock and a number of other researchers and scientist regarding the 2012 date.   I don't seem to find it so I am hoping that you all got a chance to see it anyway. 

Whatever the case, I found it interesting but disappointing as it didn't come out to be the positive expose which it was supposed to have been but rather a promotional film to promote the 2012 moving coming out this week.

"THE SHIFT OF THE AGES" The long awaited movie on the End Times — from the Mayan Elders

2012 and the Mayan Calendar end date. Do you want your facts on 2012 from the Maya Elders or Hollywood?

We have heard from everyone but the Maya on this controversial topic of 2012 and the Mayan Calendar end date. The time is now to hear what Mayan Elder Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, a.k.a "Wandering Wolf the Voice of the Jungle" has to say about these times that we are in. This is the purpose of the film the Shift of the Ages.

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